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melissa_keir: The Man From Uncle Bromance #moviereview

The Man from Uncle is as much of a bromance as a spy action movie! I give it an A-. Based on the 1960’s TV show of the same name, This Man from Uncle provides us the background of how the two unlikely allies find themselves working together.

UNCLE feels like an early James Bond movie with an extra secret agent. In fact, the original TV show had Ian Fleming’s blessing. He gave Napoleon Solo, his name which was based off a character from Goldfinger.

With eye-candy galore- Cavill as Solo – the American CIA agent and Hammer as Ilyra –the Russian KGB agent, UNCLE appeals to women who love their witty banter along with their sexy men. These two throw punches and punchlines back and forth throughout the movie in a dance of romance as they learn to like…or at least respect each other.

For the men, the women aren’t to be outdone. The evil Victoria screams ice queen or at least Paris Hilton with her expensive wardrobe and cool demeanor. But it’s Gaby, the daughter of the kidnapped scientist that steals the movie. She’s both cocky yet innocent and smolders with Hammer. The heat between them sizzles up the screen.

While the focus is on saving the world from nuclear weapons, Cavill and Hammer entertain, whether trying to one-up each other or wise-cracking with a straight face. The clothes and the cars provide the perfect backdrop for the nostalgic trip back in time to the 1960’s. The only downfall of the movie is the soundtrack…not enough 1960’s music to enjoy. If you’re giving us all the rest of the 1960’s…we’d love some music too!

Fans of witty high-brow comedy and exciting spy action will enjoy The Man From Uncle, no matter their age.

Also…not after credits scene but keep eyes peeled for some fun…David Beckham has a cameo!

I often feel like Johnny Storm at night since menopause…Flame On! If you laughed at that, you probably would enjoy my wisecracks more than the Fantastic 4 reboot. I’m giving it a C- as in see it at home! Don’t spend your $$.

Fantastic 4 tells the story of Reed Richards, brainiac and geek who along with his good friend, Ben Grimm, create a small transporter to another dimension. Capturing the notice of Dr. Storm, Reed goes to work with Dr. Storm, his adoptive daughter- Sue, his fast driving son- Johnny and a reluctant Victor Doom to create a larger transporter. When the four guys (Reed drags Ben into the shenanigans) decide to be the first on this new world, something goes horribly wrong and gives everyone a unique superpower.

First, this movie didn’t feel like a Marvel movie. No Stan Lee cameo. No after credit sneak peek. The audience when I was there called it an “epic fail” that the ending credits were just that…the end. And while the movie seems to follow the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic series’ storyline about the creation of the Fantastic 4, there were enough changes to upset fans. 

Secondly, Marvel isn’t known for its compelling roles for women. But in Fantastic 4, Sue Storm spends most of her time in a literal bubble protecting others rather than doing any fighting of her own. In this storyline, she only gets her powers when the ship returning from the other planet explodes and she’s in the room. 

Thirdly (and I’ll make it my finally because I could go on and on), Fantastic 4 is a morose movie. Everyone is sad, down, depressed (except maybe Johnny). Reed feels that he’s let everyone down. Ben is mad at Reed. Sue is only interested in telling her brother how to act and trying to prove she’s smart. The families in this movie are dysfunctional bordering on abusive. No one is happy to have these new powers. No one wants to do anything good with them (except maybe Johnny who has a danger addiction). Some of the gaping storyline holes could have provided us with some more upbeat moments or even clarity but according to the director… “…the studio sabotaged the movie.”

Whether or not the studio did…we are subjected to another remake that really doesn’t show us anything new or interesting. How many times are the movie studios going to remake movies just because they were “fun” shows of our youth?? When will they realize that we like new concepts and new movies?? I know it won’t be this year, since we have a Point Break remake and a live action Jem and the Holograms coming soon.

First thing to do before seeing Vacation is to take yourself out of the mindset that this is a reboot of the old Chevy Chase Vacation. As said in the movie- This vacation stands on its own merit. I give it an A.

The laughs begin with the opening credits. It plays like bad vacation photos. These are heartbreaking…in that people actually were on those vacations! Don’t forget to stay for the ending images of the Griswold’s own vacation photos! But you may want to cover your children’s eyes.

This Vacation movie does pay homage to the original in some unique ways from the same song to photos of the Griswolds on vacation in the other movies (Just don’t look too close at the kids in those photos since different actors played them in many of the movies), even to having the old car and Rusty’s parents show up! However, this movie’s humor is raunchier and entirely its own. No repeats there!

From swimming in human waste to Thor’s junk, Rusty Griswold’s trip to recreate his favorite childhood vacation is one mistake after another. Ed Helms plays Rusty much like he did the straight man in the Hangover movies, while Christina Applegate steals the movie with her eye rolling, beer chugging, and weary mother routine. Been there, done that!

There are plenty of cameos by some pretty popular TV and movie stars but it’s the message of what it takes to be a family (in good and bad times) that comes through loud and clear. The movie just may have you thinking about taking a little family road trip of your own.

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