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Lady Anber Tours: TORN by Author A M Wallace

Title: Torn Author: A.M. Wallace 

Genre: New Adult Release Date: Feb. 18, 2015 

Hosted by: Lady Amber’s Tours


Marcus has his life pretty much figured out at twenty five years old. He’s got his career on track, a nice house just outside of the city, and his lifelong best friend, Hannah, by his side at every turn. The only problem is that he has been fighting with himself to tell Hannah how he really feels. How she’s all he’s been able to think about since he was old enough to have those feelings. What he doesn’t know is that Hannah is facing the same inner battle with herself about him. She fantasizes about a life with Marcus. Will Marcus or Hannah be able to tell each other how they feel about one another? Will they be able to make a life together or does fate have other plans?
A.M. Wallace was born and raised in southern Ohio. She is currently a stay at home mom to her wonderful son. She and her husband still reside in southern Ohio after a few years of living in east Tennessee (Go Vols!) While her husband is a die-hard Volunteer, A.M will always be a Buckeye. (O-H-I-O!) Thankfully the two teams almost never play one another.

Her love for reading started at a very young age. The Boxcar Children was where it all started, and she never quit. AR Reading in school only pushed her that much harder to read faster and more advanced books. Her competitiveness came out when there were prizes and “winning” involved. Now, she reads anything and everything in her free time. (When she has free time.)

After being a stay at home mom for seven months, needing a change that would allow her to continue staying home with her son, she finally decided to pursue her dreams and write her first novel. While watching reruns of The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, and Doc McStuffins in her living room with her seven month old rolling around, the idea behind The Divided Series was born.

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I smiled up at him as he reached me, a real smile. He smiled back and didn’t say a word before grabbing my shoulders and pulling me into a hug. I could almost cry at how familiar it was. I hugged him back and smiled into his shoulder. I was happy right now. Because for the short time his arms were around me, I could forget about everyone else in the room. Marcus was my best friend again and I was all he needed.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Don't miss this movie!

                                                       BLACK OR WHITE



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This is a wonderful  ***** movie with heart that you won't want to miss. Kevin Costner has just lost his wife and is on the verge of losing his granddaughter who he has raised since she was a baby. 


The interplay between the  main  characters, Octavia, Gillian and Kevin is quite resourceful. This is a story about families sticking together and the love that renders knowing you can count on your family in times of need. 


Black Or White solidifies what family means and how important it is to commit to a relationship.


Go see this movie with your family and see if it doesn't bring a tear to your eye.


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Monday, February 2, 2015

Melissa's Reviews

Five wealthy men share a high-end loft in order to hide extra-marital romantic escapades. Only a murder happens and now their secret love nest is at risk. The blame game begins with each man as the possible killer. I give The Loft a C. 

The movie features many flashbacks and surprises that keep you wondering what exactly is going on. It plays like a warning message against men who cheat on their wives. Each of the five friends’ lives falls apart when they use the loft. 

The movie feels like it was written/directed by a woman who had a husband who cheated. The men come off as arrogant and depraved. Each friend has their own secret and when the secrets all come out—bam! Cheaters never win is the main message. The wives are also one-dimensional, bitter, and vindictive. But they come out ahead at the end.

Filled with sexy actors and nudity, this movie isn’t for the faint of heart. But those that love a good mystery, will enjoy the many twist and turns as we learn exactly what happened in The Loft.

Many recent movies highlight real-life and larger than life heroes but none more so than American Sniper. I give the movie an A. Based on Chris Kyle’s life, his four tours in Iraq and his issues with PTSD, the movie has polarized the country and been nominated for an Oscar. 

At times, gritty and disturbing, Bradley Cooper shows the conflict brought on by deciding who lives and dies during a time of war. Like many war movies, the hero must suffer the loss of his closest comrades but ultimately “gets” the bad guy. 

In American Sniper, Bradley BECOMES Chris Kyle, swearing, drinking, and dedicated patriot. He’s got a way with words and wins the heart of his wife with his killer smile and charm. A man larger than life, who only set out to protect Americans. There’s so many F-bombs, you could make a drinking game out of it.

Clint Eastwood directed this movie, which still packs movie houses and brought a round of applause when it completed. Clint even wrote one of the songs for the movie, as he did for Gran Torino. He’s turning into quite a director. His choice for the ending gives the feeling of a memorial and like Unbroken, features real images of Chris and the commemorations of his life.

Based off Chris Kyle’s autobiography, American Sniper gives a patriotic glimpse into the world of the Iraqi war and the Navy Seals who fought as well as the problems of PTSD and coming home.