Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Theory of Everything

Review by - Melissa Keir

 It’s All About Love! The Theory of Everything

Stephen Hawking- brilliant mind, amazing scientist, sexy romantic? Yep… at least if you see the movie based on his ex-wife’s book. I give the Theory of Everything a B+. This movie is a love story of two strong minded people who faced what appear to be insurmountable odds. I’m seeing Oscar buzz about this movie!

The romance between Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde begins in college where Stephen is trying to decide on his specialty. Their love blossoms but when Stephen finds out about his life-threatening disease, he urges everyone to give up on him. Only Jane is more determined than he expects.

The theater was full and while the average age of the audience was over 40, many of the people stayed until the credits finished. I don’t see that often unless it’s a Marvel movie! The touching love story between Jane and Stephen will resonate with you, even as Hawking finds himself less and less in control of his body. Because the movie was based on Jane’s biography of her life with Stephen, some things are glossed over such as their divorce and the years he “walked away” from his children.
This movie changed my perception of Stephen Hawking. I always found him to be pretentious, like he knew all the secrets of the universe… and maybe he did… Maybe it is all about love and never giving up.