Sunday, January 25, 2015


St. Vincent Movie Review: Will You Fall For a Broken Hero?


Leaving a young child with a drunk, mean, foul-mouthed neighbor seems like such a good idea in the movie- St. Vincent…but when the neighbor is played by Bill Murray, it’s a wonderful tale of acceptance and love.

Melissa McCarty as the mom has little choice when she is forced to stay at work and her son is locked out. At first Vincent has ulterior motives...but the sweet kid soon wears him down, or maybe it's because Vincent's cat likes so few people.


I give St. Vincent an A-. This movie will bring tears to your eyes as well as a few deep belly laughs as you see the antics Vincent teaches his impressionable young neighbor how to defend himself or how to get a bartender’s attention. The movie reminded me of a cross between The Notebook and Gran Torino. Or sort of like hot apple crisp- sweet, crunchy and gooey!

While it’s a great movie, it’s too much for younger children. The mature content and large amounts of swearing, drinking, and smoking might give them the wrong impression. Also be warned plot holes abound. Story pieces are dropped or not explained.

However, Bill Murray is the reason to see this movie. Seriously, has he had a bad movie role? Even as himself in Zombieland, he was hilarious. He's certainly looking more like his brother these days but still has the sharp humor to keep audiences thrilled.

Without giving too much away, St. Vincent shows why it takes a neighborhood to raise a family. I double dog dare you not to cry!  

Be sure to catch it and stay for the closing credit number!