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Rockin’ the Boat: 50 Iconic Revolutionaries from Joan of Arc to Malcolm X


Rockin’ the Boat: 50 Iconic Revolutionaries from Joan of Arc to Malcolm X

Jeff Fleischer, Author
From ancient civilizations to the 20th century, 50 movers and shakers get their due in this informative and sometimes tongue-in-cheek guide, which examines Cleopatra, Judah Maccabee, Nat Turner, Michael Collins, and Che Guevara, among others. Fleischer capably places the individuals in their history milieu, zeroing in on the circumstances behind their notoriety, as well as the ways their influence has endured, while sidebars provide additional context and modern parallels (Fleischer compares Roman politicians and brothers Gaius and Tiberius Gracchus to John and Robert Kennedy). A lively narrative, an accessible length (while the profiles are dense, they are kept to roughly four pages each), and deadpan humor—particularly in captions (George Washington is “tight in tights” and Sitting Bull “sits bullishly”)—allow for irreverent, edifying reading. Ages 14–up. (Mar.)

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Melissa Keir- Sexy Between the Covers - Blog

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Gifts of Love Come in all sizes and oddity

Gifts come in all sizes and shapes and can be given for good or weird reasons. I remember my true love’s first gift was a glued together sand castle. He gave it to me for no reason at the start of an early date. I’ve always suspected it was an unwanted present that one of the ladies at work picked up on her island holiday and gave to him. So he gave it to me in a strange re-gifting moment.

When I opened the door, he started talking about Greeks bringing gifts. Honest to God, I had no idea what he was talking about and was shocked when he concluded his ramble by handing me a small, permanently glued together Sand Castle with a felt bottom and a bent flag. I long ago lost the boyfriend, but I still have the sand castle and to this day I have no idea why he gave it to me. Maybe it was cluttering his cabinet. Now of course, it’s cluttering mine.

In Jacko, the pirate’s romance novel, he sends Alice what most people would think to be a strange and disturbing gift, but at least it made sense to me. And more importantly, Alice understood why he sent the gift.

First let me apologize for the red background. It should be a scarf, but painting a scarf is much harder than you might imagine and clearly I had no artistic juice within me on the night I created this.

Here’s the excerpt where Alice receives her gift.

Alice returned to the package, cut the twine and unwrapped the paper. She lifted up a colorful silk scarf wrapped around something oblong and hard. As she unwrapped the scarf, she caught the musky scent that had haunted her senses in her sleep. Jacko.

“What is it?” Thomas asked.

Alice had become so enchanted with the scarf, she had failed to notice the item wrapped inside it. In her hand lay what looked to be an ivory handle. But to what?

She noticed a pearl inset on one side and pressed it. A lethal four-inch blade of silver jutted out.

“Dear Lord!” Thomas exclaimed. “Do you think Carson sent this as a threat?”

“No.” She smiled and stroked the handle. “I think Jacko sent it as a gift.”

“A gift? What type of man sends a knife to lady?”

She pressed the scarf to her lips. “A very unique one. A man who admires a woman good with knives.”

Placing the scarf around her neck, she examined the slender blade. When she pushed the pearl inset again, the blade returned inside the handle.

“Now that is clever.” She showed Thomas how the knife could appear and disappear.

He scowled and stepped back. “Perhaps you should put the ‘gift’ in your safe.”

“First, I must show it to Mother.” She headed to the door.

“Your mother is far from recovered. She does not need to know ill-dressed gypsies are giving you knives!”

Alice stopped and turned to Thomas, angered by his words. “You will never refer to the man I intend to marry in such disrespectful terms again.”

“Marry? You cannot marry a gypsy.”

“This is not your say.”

Thomas refused to back down. “Your mother will not allow it!”

“It is not her say either. However, I believe once she knows Jacko better, she will welcome him into our home.”

“A gypsy?”

“A man who risked his life to save a woman he had never met.” She caressed the ivory handle of her hidden knife. “A man who wishes me to be strong and unafraid.” She then recalled them seated together at the kitchen table. “A man with warmth and laughter in his eyes.”

Jacko, a gypsy with a great love for stealing, rescues a suffragette from Bedlam. Upon returning the elderly woman to safety, he meets her blue-stocking daughter. Alice has decided she prefers managing her estate farms over London society. She is resigned to never marry until the handsome and surprisingly wealthy man with a dark past and several identities steals her heart.

A Right to Love


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A Right to Love is a spin off

of the Adventures of Xavier & Vic’s

Humorous, Late Victorian, Romantic Sleuth series
Book 1

The Troublesome Apprentice

Book 2

The Missing Partner

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The Mesmerist


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Liza O’Connor was raised badly by feral cats, left the South/Midwest and wandered off to find nicer people on the east coast. There she worked for the meanest man on Wall Street, while her psychotic husband tried to kill her three times. (So much for finding nicer people.) Then one day she declared enough, got a better job, divorced her husband, and fell in love with her new life where people behaved normally. But all those bad behaviors has given her lots of fodder for her humorous romances. Please buy these books, because otherwise, she’ll become grumpy and write troubled novels instead. They will likely traumatize you.

You have been warned.

Mostly humorous books by Liza:

Saving Casey – Old woman reincarnates into troubled teen’s body. (Half funny/half traumatizing)

Ghost LoverTwo British brothers fall in love with the same young woman. Ancestral ghost is called in to fix the situation. And there’s a ghost cat that roams about the book as well. (Humorous Contemporary Romance)

A Long Road to Love Series: (Humorous Contemporary odd Romance)

Worst Week Ever — Laugh out loud week of disasters of Epic proportions.

Oh Stupid Heart — The heart wants what it wants, even if it’s impossible.

Coming to Reason — There is a breaking point when even a saint comes to reason.

Climbing out of Hell — The reconstruction of a terrible man into a great one.

The Troublesome Apprentice — The greatest sleuth in Victorian England hires a young man who turns out to be a young woman.

The Missing Partner — Opps! The greatest sleuth in Victorian England goes missing, leaving Vic to rescue him, a suffragette, and about 100 servants. Not to mention an eviscerating cat. Yes, let’s not mention the cat.

The Mesmerist The Mesmerist can control people from afar and make them murder for her. Worse yet, Xavier Thorn has fallen under her spell.



Investigate these sites:

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A Cowboy for Christmas by Jennie Marts
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Holly Adams returns to her hometown with a simple to-do list from her therapist: 1) Return to your roots, 2) Face your fears, and 3) Listen to your heart. But Holly hasn’t been back since a tragic accident claimed the life of her young husband. Returning home is one thing. Facing her fears and giving her bruised heart a voice are quite another.

Cowboy Levi Garrett remembers Holly as the brazen girl who once stole a kiss at a high school party, and barely recognizes the heartbroken young widow who ends up stranded at his ranch on Christmas Eve. All he wants is to remind Holly of the fearless girl she used to be.

It’s holiday magic when a winter storm traps the pair together, but will Holly be able to hear her heart when it asks for a Cowboy for Christmas?


“Sometimes I feel like something broke inside of me when I lost Scott. I lost that brave, fun, impulsive girl I used to be. The one who would kidnap an abused dog. Or kiss a boy on a dare.”

Levi narrowed his eyes at her and cocked his head to one side. “It may seem like it’s been a while since you’ve seen that girl, but I think she’s still in there. It may just take a nudge to find her again.”

He stood and crossed the room, then knelt in front of her. Her heart pounded in her chest at the nearness of him.

Her breath caught as he reached up and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. He leaned in close, his eyes conveying a message of strength as he asked, “Truth or dare?”

Oh my. A spike of warmth flowed through her entire body as she peered up at him through her eyelashes. Her voice barely registered a whisper. “Dare.”

One corner of his lip tilted up in a devilish grin. “I was hoping you’d say that. I dare you to kiss the boy next to you.”

She smiled back. She couldn’t help it. A glow of happiness burned inside of her, the earlier cold now forgotten.

Reaching up, she touched his cheek. His eyes closed as he caught his breath. She reveled in the power of knowing that her touch could cause such a reaction. That he desired her.

He was so close, his face just inches from hers. She leaned in, gathering all of her courage. He’d kissed her with such passion, such intensity that morning, he had to have real ;feelings for her.

So close, a whisper’s breath away, her lips grazed his, and he gave a tiny gasp of pleasure. Another graze, this one closer, the warmth of his lips heating hers.

Crazy tumbles of feelings filled her. Stirrings of desire and need flowed through her, and in that instant, all she knew was that she wanted to kiss this man. Had to kiss him. Would die if she didn’t kiss him. Right. This. Second.

Her lips pressed his, and her body sprang to life. She inched closer, and the blanket on her lap slipped away. She gripped his muscled forearms as he pulled her tight against him. Matching her desire, he kissed her back with a ferocity that she hadn’t felt in years.

His hand slid down her back, cupping her bottom then drawing her legs around his waist, and there was no denying that he wanted her.

She pulled him closer, wrapping her bare legs around him and clutching his back.

His hands left trails of fire as they slid up her legs, caressing and stroking her skin. A flush of heat swept through her. She couldn’t catch her breath. As much as she wanted this, it was happening so fast.

She drew back, gasping for air, trying to tamp down the panic rising in her chest. “Hold on.”

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~About the Author~

Jennie Marts loves to make readers laugh as she weaves stories filled with love, friendship and intrigue. She writes for Entangled Publishing and is the Kindle Bestselling author of the Page Turners series, which includes the romantic comedies: Another Saturday Night & I Ain’t Got No Body, Easy Like Sunday Mourning, and Just Another Maniac Monday. Reviewers call her books “laugh out loud” funny and full of great characters that are “endearing and relatable.”

She writes from the mountains of Colorado where she lives with her husband, two sons, a golden retriever named Cooper and a Sheltie puppy named Maggie. Jennie enjoys being a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), Colorado Indie Authors, and Pikes Peak Writers.

Jennie is addicted to Diet Coke and adores Cheetos. She loves playing volleyball and believes you can’t have too many books, shoes or friends.

Jennie loves to hear from readers.

Author Links:   Site       Facebook       Twitter        Goodreads

Inn for the Holidays by Ella Jade
Genre: Holiday Romance

Innkeepers Logan and Elyse Cole have been making people’s fantasies a reality for the past six months at their popular bed and breakfast. While running Pleasure Inn has been a rewarding experience for the happy couple, it also requires long hours and busy weekends. Catering to their guests’ whims and fantasies doesn’t leave much free time for the Coles. They need a few days to reconnect and indulge in their own fantasies.

Logan makes that happen with a surprise gift to his wife. He reserves the inn for just the two of them several days before Christmas. Two nights of uninterrupted romance is exactly what this couple needs. Logan reminds Elyse what drew her to him in the first place. He vows to make good on his promise to always make all of her fantasies a reality.

She wants nothing more than for the Master of the Inn to make an appearance this holiday season.

A Pleasure Inn series short, featuring Logan and Elyse from Master of the Inn.
All books in this series can stand alone and/or can be read in any order.
This is a quick steamy read.


Logan took her chin between his fingers and shot her his signature intense glare. The very stare that had her obeying his every command between the sheets. Logan was Dominant to the core. It was his Dominance that drew her to him in the first place. When he offered her the opportunity to relinquish control and let go intimately, all of her desires had been fulfilled. He had awakened a sexual awareness in Elyse that brought her the most pleasure she had ever experienced.

“Trust me,” he whispered never taking his gaze away from hers.

“I do.”

“Good girl.” He brushed his lips against hers. “You’ve been extremely busy. You’re working so hard to get this place perfect. They only reason we are as successful as we are is because of your attention to detail and the satisfaction you bring our guests.”

“We did this together.”

Logan had transformed the old place into its former glory and then some. He worked non-stop tending to the grounds. He made sure everything inside was in perfect working condition. Not a door squeaked or a loose floorboard could be found. There were several rooms that he had yet to tackle but they were in his plans for the new year. The upcoming year was going to be big for them. They were even starting to get repeat customers. With the new rooms underway, they’d be able to take on more than two couples at a time on any given weekend.

“I know but with Christmas just around the corner, you’ve had extra things to do. You worry about getting us through the holidays and I’ll take care of everything else.”

“How did I get so lucky to find you?”

“You stumbled onto my porch one night and I felt compelled to take you in.”

“You insisted, if I remember correctly.”

“What can I say? I have good taste.” He ran his tongue along her lips. “Kiss me.”

She threw her arms around his neck and parted her mouth allowing him access. He held her tight against his masculine form, exploring her long and hard. When he finally stopped kissing her, the room spun and she had to catch her breath.

“Feel better?” he asked, already knowing the answer.

“I’m always calmer when you’re around.”

“I’m going to get that bath ready.” When he took a step back, she could see the excitement bulging against his jeans. “You have five minutes.”

“Or what?”

“It’s been a while since I’ve taken you over my knee.”

“Too long. I might have to be a few minutes late.” She teased.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” He shook his head as he allowed his gaze to take in her body. “I don’t want to waste any time tonight with frivolous punishments.”

But I love those provoked punishments. “I have a fantasy that needs fulfilling.” She hoped he got the hint. “We are, after all, in the business of making that happen.”

“Indeed.” He pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his defined six-pack abs to her.

She reached out, running her hand down his chest and over his rock hard stomach. He sucked in a breath when she unbuckled his belt.

“What would you wish for if you were a guest this weekend?” He watched as she toyed with his belt.

“If I were staying here, looking to reconnect and spend some quiet time with my husband, I would request that the Master of the Inn make an appearance.”

“Really?” He arched a brow as she unbuttoned his jeans. “I think that could be arranged in the very near future.”

The timer on the oven buzzed, interrupting their conversation. It figures! “I have to get that.” She walked over to the oven not wanting her cookies to burn. “I’ll be up in a few minutes to finish what you started, Mr. Cole.”

“Five.” He swatted her backside. “I’m not in a patient mood, Mrs. Cole.”

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~About the Author~ 

Ella Jade has been writing for as long as she can remember. As a child, she often had a notebook and pen with her, and now as an adult, the laptop is never far. The plots and dialogue have always played out in her head, but she never knew what to do with them. That all changed when she discovered the eBook industry. She started penning novels at a rapid pace and now she can't be stopped.

Ella resides in New Jersey with her husband and two boys. When she's not chasing after her kids, she's busy creating sexy, domineering men and the strong women who know how to challenge them in and out of the bedroom. She hopes you'll get lost in her words.

She loves connecting with readers.