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Jaspar's War - Review by FranLewis


Jaspar’s War: Cym Lowell

How far would you go to avenge the death of your husband? Would you kill? Would you become a warrior and seek out those that not only killed your husband but separated you from your children too. When Jaspar Moran learns of the death of her husband Trevor, the Secretary of the Treasury, her mind and body take a huge hit. Lost over the North Atlantic, Trevor’s body is shark bait. But, minutes pass as she learns that the same people behind his death just kidnapped her two children. What is her first move? What can she do to get them back? Simple enough! Keep silent about her husband’s work with the President’s economic stimulus plan. Say nothing! Do not comment and she will see her son and daughter again. Numb, lost and feeling alone she contacts the Attorney General hoping for some answers.

What happens when it finally sets in that he is gone? At a birthday party on the grounds of her own home in Connecticut, security in place, how could her two children disappear right in front of her. The scene is quite compelling and the message a blunt and harsh warning not to dare divulge anything concerning the President’s economic plan or her children’s lives will end.
ohn Purvis
Unsure of what to do yet still somewhat focused Jaspar begins searching through her husband’s documents and finds a memory stick with encrypted information that might hold the key to why he was killed. Holding on to it would be the wrong move instead she manages to send this stick to a friend’s dad who whose financial skills are equal to that of many working in Wall Street today. Chief Bearstrike of an Indian Tribe in Oklahoma is her only hope. Understanding the international market and an investor, Trevor placed his name on a post it on the memory stick. This is just the tip of the cold iceberg as Jaspar learns that her husband was the subject of an investigation and she herself has now become a prime target too. Seeking help from Father Michael to find her children she dons the costume of a nun in order to save her life and find her children. Aiding her out of the country she meets a trusted man named Nulandi whose past will touch her heart, whose knowledge of combat and war will aid her in becoming a warrior, soldier and assassin in order to fight a battle that only she can win. Nulandi was saved as a child soldier and assassin and is rich and has the resources to help her. Hearing his story and meeting Alice his dog and a Sister, we begin to understand why he’s agreed to help Jaspar. Training her in martial arts, combat and then teaching her the definition of Lures, we learn just what part she will play to bait those who have her children. Learning to kill, not feeling any remorse, guilt or pain she begins will slaughter some innocent Kangaroos. But, how far will she go to get those that have taken her children? Will she sleep with the enemy to gain information? How does she justify her actions and what happens when things between her and the killer heat up?

From a warm and loving mother and wife Jasper becomes a coldhearted killer who will fight to the death to find her children no matter what it takes or whose lives she takes. But, second but equally paramount is the financial aspect of this novel, the economic stimulus plan as outlined by her husbands predecessor Copper Starr and the race to save the economy and her children. Is she connected to her husband’s job? With the training that she is provided by Nulandi, can she handle the bloodshed, the deaths and the murder before time runs out?

Can a rich woman, a female Asian Commando, Native American Indian Chief and Nulandi a man without an identity and an assassin find a dangerous killer and end the plot to ruin the global economy? Security in place but who are the men guarding her children and pretending to protect them as we meet Chrissy and Theo two innocent victims in this diabolical plot.

Thinking that her husband was involved in the economic collapse of our economy, not believing that to be true and hoping to find her children, Jaspar along with Nulandi, Alice a special dog with acute senses, Anloc and Jason Brontus a US Attorney Journal plus one financial wizard and Indian Chief uncover a plot that travels all the way to the White House. Scenes that are graphic, violent, bombs explode near the Vatican, Monte Carlo Grand Prix and race car driver Tremont, the mafia and an actor/artist named Paulo, all lend to the suspense, fire and explosive plot that will keep you on edge. Did Trevor manipulate the financial market? Did he hope to gain from the President’s economic stimulus plans? Why would someone want to create a world financial disaster?

Risking her own life, putting everything she has on the line including her faith in herself as the author shares her inner most thoughts, feelings, questioning herself and her ability to handle what she must face, Jaspar is not the only one fighting a private and public war. As Nulandi shares his past and Chief Bearstrike explains his connection to Jaspar each one is fighting something from his/her own past and each one must fight his own war in order to succeed. Will Jason understand the documents placed in front of him by the Chief? Will he figure out what he’s being shown before it’s too late? What about Chrissy and Theo? Why is one powerful mafia don holding them and what does he hope to gain? Will they wind up dead?

Enter the room with the Chief and the Attorney General and hear their voices echoing the plan that they think has unfolded. What would happen if the truth comes out and is the sovereign trust of the Queen of England really behind the financial collapse?

When Jason brings the information in black and white to the President of the United States what they put in motion will change lives, the dynamics of the government’s financial stimulus plan and explain why Chief Bearstrike is on board. Financial security for his tribe is at risk due to the conspiracy that has been brought to light. Added it threatened the collective security of both the U.S. and his tribe. A company that was run by Trevor Moran and made to look corrupt. West Mad business exploded, Moran needed to be disposed of and one memory stick that was entrusted to the Chief to get the ball rolling. A Catholic priest contacted his sister getting Jaspar to safety and the rest you will learn when you read the startling information, the plan that Jason comes to understand and the reality behind what someone is planning when you read Chapters 27-30.
Greed, power, lust, hate and just to prove he is right was one man’s goal to take down the President’s stimulus plan and make it his own. With Nulandi and Jaspar fighting a ground war, Jason dealing with those in the government that are involved and the Chief making contact with the Queen’s Sovereign Trust the main players are there but just who is pulling the strings, why and how does this link to a racecar driver, the mafia, someone connected to the Queen and corruption in the police department, author Cym Lowell takes us deep inside the minds of criminals that are hiding right in plain sight, a woman fearing for the life of her children, an Aborigine assassin holding her life in the balance and many others leading to an ending that you won’t see coming, a conclusion that will surprise you as the death of the Secretary of Treasury, the role of someone close to him, her disappearance of two innocent children will give readers in total darkness until the veil is lifted but not until you learn the final fate of so many, whose wars are won, whose are lost and what might happen if Jaspar does not win hers.

Traitors, double crosses, betrayals at all levels, going up against a woman that has become a dangerous commando warrior, an Aborigine, a Wall Street prosecutor, an Indian Chief and a dog that can outsmart them all: Alice. Bump up your adrenaline, get ready to take the curves, turns, twists and runs along the racecar track, be there at the explosive end and read the surprise twist at the end. Author Cym Lowell created and crafted an ending so dramatic, so filled with emotions and emotional upheavals that the reader will wonder just what he has in store for Jaspar, will her life be with her children or will she continue to wage war against those who deem to bring down our country. Jaspar: Peace or War: What will she decide?
Fran Lewis: Reviewer