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Sam Freene Reviews - The Virginia Templeton Stories

ONE HOT CORPORATE ICON January 27, 2013 - Sam Freene
Stepping Up Her Game: Marsha Casper Cook 

Appearances can be deceiving and all too often the persona or your perception of someone is based on their outer image. What they want you to see or think is often camouflages or masks what is real. Virginia Templeton was and is a powerfully strong, deceptive, manipulative, cold-hearted and highly motivated woman in her own right. When faced with making difficult decisions she's handled them head on. Releasing her tension at times was commonplace for her as she often had several partners serving her every need. Men were dispensable like the cash in the old fashioned change machines used by street vendors needing quick access to coins in order to complete a sale and move on to the next.

Virginia Templeton went through life clawing and fighting her way to the top and now she was going to have a chance to make her mark as head of The Templeton Corporation: America and Templeton International. But, first, she would need to locate the people that would give her the answers to the questions needed: Why was Templeton Corporation failing financially? What about Templeton International how was she going to raise their capital and keep both companies sound? Control: Vital to Virginia in every situation. Virginia would be more than just uncover the hidden secrets behind her late husband's financial deceptions and deals. She would have to dig deep and search long and hard to find out where she wanted to go in life, uncover her true self but first things first she had two businesses to run and a new assistant to train and transform, you might say in her own image. But, first she had a score to settle and a relationship that she needed to end in her own mind. Some require one last chance or attempt to fix others you will learn require unique and final endings in order to satisfy Virginia and bring her closure. Tossing one last look and never turning back Virginia left this final encounter with this man with a huge smile on her face.

Deciding she needed some more fun and definitely another outlet to release her tensions she decided to go to her favorite Hotel: The Lambert where it did not take her even a minute to find the answer to her needs and the rest you can use your imagination or read it for yourself.

Author Marsha Casper Cook has just warmed up the audience because this story gets ever hotter, the scenes more steamy and at times explosive as she learn more about her assistant, Reesa her plans for her company and the reasons behind the financial problems as she continues to search for answers.

Stepping Up Her Game: Virginia is doing that you better believe it as her first act as the new head is to revamp her staff, revamp her assistant and if you have not caught on yet and do not realize just how ruthless, smart and intelligent she is wait until you learn what she does to the Chief Financial Officer as the author reveals some startling truths about Virginia, her educational background, her credentials and goals. But, the final word and the end result will change everything for her when she learns about the ultimate cover-up and plan to destroy what she has and was working for as one last deception is revealed.

Hidden secrets, lies, betrayals and one man who will stop at nothing to try and take down her world. As she learns more about her late husband, Slater, she comes face to face with two people that would change things even more. Just what happens and what does she learn this reviewer has problems Virginia she will not reveal what I have learned. How does what I know and what you will learn when you read this book change or impact her life in the future you just won't believe it? What about the fact that the holidays are coming and her maid, Olivia, whose character I love because she can handle our Virginia, wants to celebrate Christmas along with her boss? Will she ever learn to just appreciate life and embrace others? Stepping Up Her Game: She sure does and so does the author. What is next for her? Tough, hard, cold, sharp, smart, perceptive, persistent, determined and definitely never to be under mind or under estimated, she is one woman you do not want to come up against. Author Marsha Casper Cook Stepped Up Her game in this third book in the Virginia Templeton Series. Let's Hope we can Convince the author and our Virginia to come back ONE MORE TIME!

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Meet Rita Plush- She was a guest on A Book Discussion


Rita Plush lives and writes in Queens, New York. Rita is an author, speaker and interior designer. She has presented at libraries throughout Long Island, at Hofstra University and CW Post-Hutton House. Her articles on interior design have appeared in Times Ledger Newspapers, distributed throughout Brooklyn, The Bronx and Queens. Her writing practice includes fiction and non-fiction, and her stories and essays have been published in many literary journals including The Alaska Quarterly Review, The Iconoclast, The MacGuffin and Passager. She is the author of Lily Steps Out (Penumbra Publishing May 2012), and most recently, the short story , Alterations (Penumbra Publishing 2013).
She is the facilitator of the Winter Self-Published Authors' Roundtable at the Manhasset Library, meeting again on February 4, 2013, and will present her talk "Writing & Publishing in the Modern World or So You've Written a Book, Now What," at Limmud NY 2014. See Events Page for details.

    Story-telling is as natural as speaking and goes as far back as humankind. Stories link us, they connect us to our own lives and to the lives of others.
     Isaac Bashevis Singer, the beloved Yiddish/American writer said, "If stories weren't told or books weren't written, we would live like the beasts, only for the day... the whole world, all human life, is one long story."
     Alterations are my stories, a collection written over a period of twenty years, some of them harking back more than fifty years, stories that lived in me, the way stories do, as a bit of memory--a certain smell, the turn of a head, or the particular sound of a voice. 
    Decades later they called to me, the memories of them morphing, changing, altering, the people becoming characters who were and were not them. And I kept writing. I dressed my characters, gave them habits and particular way to speak, and put them down on the pages, wanting things they could not have, remembering things they wanted to forget. They ended and they sewed, they owned stores and boutiques, they jerry-rigged contraptions and carved dollhouse furniture. They dug in the dirt and planted tomatoes, they put together a jigsaw puzzle in a far off mountain cabin. Makers and fixers, they had the creative qualities derived from my parents and passed down to me.
    Little girls and adolescents, a teenager, a father, a son, grown women, Alterations is about characters from different types of families and mindsets. Families that are broken and those that are healing, families my characters cling to, and those from which they run. And it is to that enduring notion of family life, with all its messy complications, its intrigues and dramas, its loving and sometimes mysterious bonds, that I dedicated Alterations, to the loving memory of my parents, Molly and Max Weingarten.

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Authors Welcome - Jonathan Husband

Author Spotlight: Jonathan Husband

Jonathan Husband has been a human resources executive throughout his post graduate career. He attended the University of Hull in Yorkshire, England during the early 1960’s. His career has helped him develop a deep understanding of interpersonal relationships and the value of emotional intelligence.
He has combined this knowledge with his passion for history to perceptively describe people he knew who, from 1943 to 1972, had to deal with emotions that would spiral out of control and take charge of their regular lives. An Unplanned Encounter begins in war time England in the midst of the bombing campaign over Nazi-occupied Europe. It ends with the death of his father in 1972.
Authors Welcome had the chance to speak to Jonathan Husband about his writing career and his first novel.
AW: Tell us a little bit about your book.
Jonathan: The book is a story about a woman’s right to choose and how the circumstances of war and history can affect this decision and its consequences. It is set in England and California 1943-1972. A sexual assault takes place in July 1943, the woman discovers she is pregnant, and then makes a series of decisions that change forever the lives of the two protagonists. The central incident takes place in Yorkshire, England but the story also includes events that take place elsewhere in England, in Sacramento, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, and in Vienna, Austria and in Shanghai, China.
AW: Who is your intended audience and why should they read your book?
Jonathan: The book should appeal to a broad range of readers, with a likely focus on women over 30. It is an interesting and detail rich story about human relationships against a backcloth of war torn Europe. I tried to weave a broad understanding of what life was like during the middle of the last century in Europe and the US, especially for women who were still to be socially liberated. While it is historical fiction, the events are based on a true story. The novel examines the mother’s love for a child, how this love develops before birth, and the sacrifices a woman will make to defend the well-being of her baby.
The book should also have an appeal to various narrower groups of readers because it contains stories within the main story. Its coverage of the World War II European bombing campaign should appeal to those interested in the Second World War. Additionally, Karen, the woman who one of the main characters marries, talks about her parents escape from Vienna at the start of the war and their subsequent flight across Northern Europe to Shanghai. This event is also based on a true story. Finally, towards the end of the book, there are chapters that cover the “hippy” scene in San Francisco during the early 1960’s. This may appeal to baby-boomers.
AW: How did you come up with the title for your book/series?
Jonathan: The title focuses on a single encounter (albeit unplanned) that causes two people’s lives to spin out of control, and demonstrates that all actions have consequences, and that some consequences can last a lifetime.
AW: Tell us a bit about your cover design? Who designed it and did you have a lot of input into the design?
Jonathan: I designed the cover myself. The front page depicts a farmhouse alongside a river which is the house next door to the one where the main character in the book grew up. It also backs on to the church where this main character is buried. The Nazi image on the back cover is used with permission of the Imperial War Museum in London. It illustrates the innocence of adolescence during a time when horrifying actions took place.
AW: How long did it take to complete your novel?
Jonathan: The novel took about four months to write and a further two months while approximately a dozen people reviewed the draft and provided helpful feedback to the author. Events were researched during this period and the personal stories of the two main protagonists in the book were already known.
AW: Did you ever experience writer’s block? If so, what did you do to get out of the funk?
Jonathan: I had relatively short periods of writer’s block. Typically the answers to these obstacles would occur during the middle of the night, and on many occasions it was if the main protagonists (all dead) were giving me insights that he was not aware of previously.
AW: Tell us about the challenges of getting your first novel published? About how long did it take?
Jonathan: It took about six months to self-publish. Literary Agents approached were encouraging and kind with their comments, but appeared unwilling to support an unknown writer. To expedite the process, I researched alternative publishing methods and chose to use to assist. The process has been unpredictable and rocky from time-to-time, but overall has been satisfactory.
AW: Who is your favorite character from your book and why?
Jonathan: Mary Louise, the main character. She is the author’s mother and without her courage and love, the author would not be alive to tell the story.
AW: Who is your least favorite character and what makes them less appealing to you?
Jonathan: Bob Hutchinson, the step-father. Although many of his actions were driven by illness, he was often obstructive, disrespectful, unkind, and occasionally violent.
AW: If you could change only one thing about your novel, what would it be?
Jonathan: I would have preferred to have made the main character the storyteller throughout the book. However, because much of the story was unknown to her until after the events, this was very difficult to realistically accomplish.
AW: Give us an interesting or fun fact about your book/series.
Jonathan: It is being published to coincide with my 70th birthday.
AW: What other books are similar to your own? What makes them alike? Did they inspire you?
Jonathan: This novel was written without reference to others. The inspiration for the book came from the discovery by the author of his birth circumstances told to him by his mother in December 2007 when he was 63 years old.
AW: What made you decide to become an author?
Attending school with my son at Creative Writing courses, and a sense of creativity/imagination that my work as a Human Resources specialist had not allowed me to use.
AW: What is the toughest criticism that you have received as an author?
Jonathan: Insufficient coverage of people’s emotions and how their feelings after extraordinary events. The author has worked hard to correct this impression.
AW: What is the best compliment?
Jonathan: This is a book that is hard to put down. The best compliment I received was that someone got up at 5:00AM to finish it before going to work.
AW: Do you have another job or are you a full-time author?
Jonathan: My plan is to write additional “encounter series” novels. I also do part-time consulting in Human Resources.
AW: Do you have any tips for readers or advice for other writers trying to get published?
Jonathan: Persevere and have fun. Undertake the task for enjoyment and sharing, not for money.
AW: How to you market your book?
I will use a professional Publicity Firm and my network of friends and relatives. I also use Facebook and Twitter to promote myself. My Twitter handle is @JonathanHusband. I also have my website and blog at

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Author Spotlight: Alice Furse

Author Spotlight: Alice Furse

Everybody Knows This is Nowhere is the first novel from Alice Furse. It centers around a girl, an office, and an impending apocalypse. The novel is geared toward anyone who is wondering what on earth to do with themselves as it reflects that awkward time of finishing university and asking yourself what the hell you’re going to do next.
Authors Welcome had an opportunity to chat with Alice Furse for an Author Spotlight, and get the story behind the story of her book, and what the writing and publishing processes were like for her.
AW: Tell us a little bit about your book.
Alice: Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere is primarily about those awkward years after university, when you’ve been taught that the world will open up for you, but it doesn’t quite work out that way. Action centres on a girl who moves to suburbia with her boyfriend and starts working in an office, both of which come with their own problems and mysteries.
AW: Who is your intended audience and why should they read your book?
Alice: My novel targets young women. I wrote it because I felt totally disenfranchised and isolated, and I don’t think for a minute that I’m the only one. I hope it will appeal to other people who might find themselves in a similar position and at the very least, give them an idea that they’re not alone.
AW: How did you come up with the title for your book/series?
Alice: It’s actually the name of a Neil Young song. I tried to think of something original but this was just the perfect title.
AW: Tell us a bit about your cover design? Who designed it and did you have a lot of input into the design?
Alice: I’m self-published so I had total control, which is nice – in fact, I came up with the idea of using hole punch holes and I took the photo myself. I’m lucky too in that I know a graphic designer who helped me choose that idea, tidy it up, and selected the font. I really wanted to make sure it looked like a modern novel, and not something else, like a textbook – it’s not as easy as it sounds!
AW: How long did it take to complete your novel?
Alice: In total, it took about two years to complete.
AW: Did you ever experience writer’s block? If so, what did you do to get out of the funk?
Alice: Honestly, I try not to worry if I’m not writing masses. Contrary to the traditional wisdom of getting through a daily word count, I’m not someone who works well when I force it – I’d rather work when I feel like I have something to say and the energy to say it. If you’re lucky enough to make a living from writing then perhaps you would need that structure, but for the rest of us, life gets in the way – and so it should.
AW: Tell us about the challenges of getting your first novel published? About how long did it take?
Alice: I wrote Everybody Knows a good few years ago, and when I finished it I approached an agent who seemed keen to get it out there. It got reasonably far with a few publishers, but in the end they said although they liked it they couldn’t market it. I left it and got on with other things, but it struck me a little while ago that this was a bit of a waste, and putting it on Amazon myself and keeping it my own seemed more interesting than building up a collection of rejection letters. I also now have a background in PR, so I enjoy marketing it too.
AW: Who is your favorite character from your book and why?
Alice: Is it too horrible and narcissistic to say the narrator? Probably is… but I’m going to say it anyway. Yeah, she’s based on me. I’m proud of how the voice develops throughout the novel – I wanted to write from a perspective that was cynical but not unkind, and I wanted her to be a force that people can identify with, but quirky at the same time. God knows if I’ve achieved it – I’m probably not the person to ask.
AW: Who is your least favorite character and what makes them less appealing to you?
Alice: I don’t dislike any of the characters. People you clash a bit with in real life tend to be the ones that are easiest to write because that’s where the energy is, and there’s always something to be said for that. They’re the most interesting people and relationships to explore. Not to get too deep, but the word ‘personality’ suggests that we’re separate entities. I think it’s closer to the truth to say that our identities are only given shape by the people around us.
AW: If you could change only one thing about your novel, what would it be?
Alice: Nothing. It’s not perfect, but it’s just fine.
AW: Give us an interesting or fun fact about your book/series.
Alice: Everyone in the book was based on someone I know.
AW: What other books are similar to your own? What makes them alike? Did they inspire you?
Alice: I’m not sure that there are very many books similar to my own which is part of the reason I wrote it, but I have been inspired but hundreds of writers. I love Magnus Mills’ pared-down style and while I didn’t consciously emulate it, I’m sure I learnt a hack of a lot from reading his books – The Restraint of Beasts in particular. The Bell Jar also really inspired me – I read it for the first time when I was about 14 and I love her voice, her honesty, and her cynicism.
AW: What made you decide to become an author?
Alice: It wasn’t really a decision – it was just something I always did. When I was nine I wrote stories about what my toys said to each other when I left the room. When I was twelve I wrote a lot of stories about a girl with one leg for some reason, and when I was a teenager there was a lot of the usual angsty poetry bollocks, which was all burnt in a dramatic fire – thankfully. When I was in sixth form I wrote some short stories that won competitions, and chose to study English Literature and Creative Writing at university, which properly cracked me open.
AW: What is the toughest criticism that you have received as an author?
Alice: I know how this sounds, and maybe I’ve just been lucky, but I haven’t really received any. I don’t think that’s because I write the best things ever, it’s because when people don’t like something their response tends to be silence. No one’s queued up to tell you you’re shit, and if you dig around for feedback people are usually constructive.
During my first writing workshop at university, a girl told me I used a couple of clichés. She was right.
AW: What is the best compliment?
Alice: My tutor at university was always very good to me. She told me that I was one of her best students, and encouraged me to write a novel in the first place. I took that as a massive compliment.
AW: Do you have another job or are you a full-time author?
Alice: I have another job. I do PR for a sports radio station.
AW: What can we expect from you in the future? Do you have a new novel or project that you are working on?
Alice: I’m focusing on a short stories at the moment with a view to getting them published in magazines, and also working on a second novel, which is about 10,000 words in. I’ve also just started a book site called The Rebel’s Book Guide, which aims to focus on literary self-published authors, as opposed to genre fiction. I’m hoping it’ll be a real resource for people to sift the pile as self-publishing continues to grow in popularity.
AW: Do you have any tips for readers or advice for other writers trying to get published?
Alice: Don’t be scared of self-publishing – it has a bad reputation for being a vanity thing, but if it actually gets your work out there and being read, it couldn’t matter less. If you do it, do it properly. I don’t think you have to spend tons of money, but put thought and time into editing, formatting, and cover design, because all those things will help. Don’t expect to shoot up the Amazon chart straightaway – and if it’s not fun, you’re doing it wrong.
AW: How do you market your book?
Alice: Twitter is a useful tool, though it has to be used in a canny fashion and can’t just be tweets saying “Buy my book now”. I’ve worked out who my target market is, and approached people that I think will be interested in it – it’s a slow process, but very exciting. My Twitter handle is @alicefurse.
I also have a blog site called The Rebel’s Book Guide. I hope you will check it out and follow me on social media to keep up with what I’m currently working on.
Interested readers can check out Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere through

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D.J. Wilson

Author Spotlight: D.J. Wilson

D.J.Wilson was raised in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. He graduated from Cumberland University, located in a small town in Kentucky quite a few years ago. We had the pleasure of chatting with D.J. about his book, Ride to Redemption.
AW: Tell us a little bit about your book.
D.J.: Righting another’s wrong landed D in the witness protection program and cost him family, friends, and everything of substance in his life. Loneliness is his constant companion until he meets Candi, the girl of his dreams. He and Candi embark on a three-week ride to redemption where they deal with mind-numbing deceit, perilous treachery, their overpowering lust for each other and their personal demons.
Nevertheless, new opportunities bring a chance to begin again. And, it doesn’t hurt that he’s got 200 pounds of illicit diamonds to use to ease the pain of those wronged. He will continue the redemption process by way of a well thought out plan involving a 5,000-mile adventure through the Western United States and Canada.
When D meets Candice, aka Candi, she captures his heart, mind and soul the instant she ‘inadvertently’ almost runs him down in the Starbucks drive-thru. Candi joins him on his three-week, two-wheeled ride to redemption, where they’re forced to face their personal demons, while dealing with wanton lust, mind-numbing deceit and perilous treachery.
Spectacular scenery and a cast of unforgettable characters they meet along the way makes the journey memorable, but nothing prepares them for the sacrifices they must eventually make midway in the ride.
“The more things change, the more they stay the same,” sadly, does not ring true for Candice and D throughout this first of a two part series. Lust and greed are forever game-changers, even for those who desperately seek redemption.
AW: Who is your intended audience and why should they read your book?
D.J.: I wrote Ride to Redemption to appeal both to women and men, weaving a geographical adventure into a life altering, lust filled romance, between two very flawed people.
Life happens. Sometimes for the good, sometimes not. Regardless of circumstance, we choose how we embrace its next chapter, either building on the good as it comes or redeeming the bad, as it goes. In that is our hope, for those of us in the throes of life.How did you come up with the title for your book/series?
Redemption comes through second chances. The ride, via a motorcycle across the West and Canada, was used as an inconspicuous tool, to right a grievous wrong that affected thousands.
AW: Tell us a bit about your cover design? Who designed it and did you have a lot of input into the design?
D.J.: My cover projects the heart and soul of my novel, without a single word being spoken. The beautiful body conveys the girl of D’s dreams, while the diamonds convey power through restitution. I was fortunate to find the perfect picture, in less than than four hours and with the help of my publisher, create the cover from there.
AW: How long did it take to complete your novel?
D.J.: Forever it seems like, looking back. I spent the first three months, writing and rewriting the first half of the book and two months writing the second half.
AW: Did you ever experience writer’s block? If so, what did you do to get out of the funk?
D.J.: Writer’s block was never an issue, as much as, life constantly getting in my way. Long, solitary  walks each day, helped me more than anything, to see the beginning of the end.
AW: Tell us about the challenges of getting your first novel published? About how long did it take?
I was fortunate to have a friend and fellow author, who saw in me a work in progress. Through his inspiration and direction, we were able to e-publish Ride to Redemption in less than thirty days. The book goes to print mid March.
AW: Who is your favorite character from your book and why?
D.J.: Great question, but not one I’m able to answer at this time. Once the sequel finishes up, I can probably tell you who my favorite will be. Remember, life happens, the book is living proof of that. It’s fluid, as are the characters in my daily circus, aka life.
AW: Who is your least favorite character and what makes them less appealing to you?
D.J.: That’s a question, I can answer. Joseph, Candi’s Ex, who happens to be an Ivy League lawyer with an outstanding pedigree, whose mission in life is to ruin other’s, while continually enhancing his own.
AW: If you could change only one thing about your novel, what would it be?
D.J.: Thank you for the question. I’ve second guessed myself many times regarding the steaminess of the book. Only our readers will answer that question for me. Stay tuned for the answer, via the reviews, which through today have been ’5 star’ kind.
AW: Give us an interesting or fun fact about your book/series.
D.J.: Easy, it’s sprinkled with truth, lot’s of it. It’s up to our audience to separate the facts from the fiction. To live with us in the moment or to embrace in aghast, our past.
AW: What other books are similar to your own? What makes them alike? Did they inspire you?
D.J.: Books by John Grisham inspired me,  as well as the novels of John Sanford and James Patterson. None, however, wove a chance encounter love interest, so integrally into the read.
AW: What made you decide to become an author?
D.J.: Life happens, remember? We’ve a story to tell, even while it continues to be written. Successful, that’s me, catastrophic failure, that’s me too. We’ve been there, done that and have the life changing scars to prove it.
Our writings reflect real life through the throes of heartache and loss, as well as through the joys redemption brings.
“Life is not waiting for the Storms to Pass, It’s Learning to Dance in the Rain.”
AW: What is the toughest criticism that you have received as an author?
D.J.: Those closest to me, tell me I’m the World’s Worst Proofreader, to which I must confess, guilty as charged.
AW: What is the best compliment?
D.J.: I’m thankful you asked. Paying it forward is a personal choice that pays priceless dividends, regardless of the chaos in our own lives. Ride to Redemption conveys that message, without it wearing thin.
AW: Do you have another job or are you a full-time author?
D.J.: I’ve been blessed beyond measure to succeed in many wonderful things, and humbled by failing in a few. Currently our passion is writing and that’s what I’m  committed to do.
AW: What can we expect from you in the future? Do you have a new novel or project that you are working on?
D.J.: The sequel, “Ride to Restoration” is well underway. I hope to publish in late April or May 2014. Visit my to discover my next project, which will depend entirely on our readers and their nominations of the unsung hero’s in their lives.
AW: Do you have any tips for readers or advice for other writers trying to get published?
D.J.: If you are passionate about something, share it, be it through the written word or music. There is someone waiting to hear what you have to say. It’s in that passion, you will rise above the crowds, your voice will be heard, the message you convey, will be received. Settle for nothing less than your very best. Because of self publishing, the World is your marketplace.
AW: How do you market your book?
D.J.: We’ve explored many avenues, all of which require quite a bit of time. Time away from writing. Thankfully, I’m working with some amazing people who are steering me in the right direction, offering to promote me, as little, or as much as I want, while allowing me to focus on our book.
I would be honored if you’d visit my website: and say hello. You can follow us on Twitter: @dhlakelover and find our blogs scattered about The Huffington Post.
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Political Thriller - Brain Warp - Gil Snider

Gil Snider, author of Brain Warp: A Political Medical Thriller

Author Bio:
I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, but I’ve done most of my medical training at the University of Michigan, including medical school and my neurology residency.  However, I did my internship at St. Vincent’s Hospital and Medical Center in Greenwich Village which, along with Kiev, Ukraine, is the setting for my book.  For the past 30 years, I have been practicing neurology in Chesapeake, Virginia.  I live in Virginia Beach with my wife and best friend, Judy, and together we’ve raised two terrific boys, Jon and Nick. I love to travel, read, and enjoy cooking and eating all sorts of food.

Title: Brain Warp: A Medical Thriller
Author: Gil Snider
ISBN: 978-1-58348-472-2 (trade paperback); 978-0-595-88074-4 (hardcover)
Page count: 267 pp
Genre: Medical Thriller
Price: $17.95 paperback; $27.95 hardcover; $6.00 Kindle

Link to Amazon
Tell us about your book:
Brain Warp is a medical thriller, but I mixed in elements of a political thriller as well.  Neurologist Dr. Peter Branstead and his psychologist girlfriend, Megan Hutchins, inadvertently become involved in a plot to poison the President of Ukraine when Peter stumbles onto a secret research facility in Greenwich Village that is testing out the poison on local vagrants.  His investigations into the nature of the facility and the drug itself leads Peter on a secret mission to Kiev, where he must save the President and escape from the clutches of the Russian Mafia, while being hunted by a brutal Mafia hit man intent on killing him.
How long did it take to write the book?
I researched my book for four months, setting up a chapter summary, then took eight months to write the first draft.  However, I spent a year or two doing rewrites.
What inspired you to write the book?
Writing Brain Warp was something of a personal journey for me.  My father was from Ukraine, and although the choice of Ukraine as a setting for the book was plot-driven, it serendipitously gave me the opportunity to learn about my background.  I think that because of this, I made fathers play an important part in Brain Warp.  Almost every major character was impacted by the actions, or absence, of their father.
Talk about the writing process. Did you have a writing routine? Did you do any research, and if so, what did that involve?
Most of my research involved learning about the history, geography and culture of Ukraine, as well as the layout of Kiev.  Although I lived in New York City for many years, and in Greenwich Village for three years, writing about it as a literary setting required viewing it in a different perspective.
As a physician and, in particular, a neurologist writing the medical part was easy.  The hard part was taking complex medical terminology and science and writing in a way that the average reader would understand it, but that a medical professional wouldn’t find overly simplified and trite.
I also found it difficult finding the time to write, with my professional obligations and to still be available to my family, especially my two young boys.  This usually involved writing after the kid’s bedtime, or sitting at my laptop after I had driven them to various activities.
What do you hope your readers come away with after reading your book?
A sense of edge-of-your-chair excitement, and a feeling of intimacy with the main characters.  I tried to make them as multi-dimensional as possible.  Every character had a history that molded him or her into the person they had become.

Wrap your brain around this thriller.
Peter Branstead, the intelligent neurology doctor at Saint Mark’s hospital, has stumbled into a medical mystery never before seen in the medical profession. Vagrants from the local area have flooded into the emergency room of Saint Mark’s. All of them with the same symptoms and all of them end with the same result – death. But what is causing these symptoms and why can’t the doctors save these patients?
As Peter investigate this mystery he discovers that everything is not as it seems. In fact it goes well beyond the simple virus or outbreak. Each patient did not simply die, they were murdered. Why? Little does Peter know but the closer he gets to the answer the closer he gets to extreme danger. There are people in the world who would do anything for power and Peter is about to meet them. “Brain Warp” is a medical mystery that travels across the globe and back again.
The deeper Peter digs the higher the stakes get. The individuals behind this horrible plan know of Peter, his fiancĂ© and their investigation. To stop their snooping they have called upon the Scorpion, the most ruthless individual known to the Ukrainian underworld. The mafia themselves fear this individual. What they don’t know is Peter has friends…but is it enough to stop these people and avoid the Scorpion?
From the first word, Gil Snider delivers a fast pace, mystery thriller that will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last. With each passing page, it is virtually impossible not to encourage Peter to keep digging but be careful and solve this crime. The more you read the more you feel the tension building as all the characters you care about find themselves in peril. 
The strength of “Brain Warp” lies in the story structure, crisp plot and believability. With medical terminology to support the plot it lends to the credibility of the story which adds depth in a real world scenario. The characters capture your attention quickly and never let go until the end. Author Gil Snider’s novel is a true medical mystery and thriller in every sense of the word. Think House but in the form of a book. I highly recommend “Brain Warp” for anyone who enjoys edge of your seat suspense, intrigue, crime and mystery. 
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