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March 2013

Leon Open Writing Assignment Update
Amazon Studios has selected a writer to rewrite Leon, a project on our Movie Development Slate. We got more than 450 diverse and engaging submissions. Thanks to all who took part.
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Blackburn Burrow Comic:
Epic Finale Now Available
Will Mister prevail against dark forces? Find out, and read all four issues of the comic series free.
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Brian Freeman will be on WORLDS OF INK NETWORK - FRAN LEWIS - HOST

Brian Freeman
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Brian will be on - March 14 - 4PM EST discussion-host-fran-lewis



SPILLED BLOOD: The Explosive New Psychological Suspense Thriller

BUY IT NOW at or Amazon. Or put it on your Nook or Kindle.

"Spilled Blood is everything a great suspense novel should be: gripping, shocking, and moving. Brian Freeman proves once again he's a master of psychological suspense."
– Lisa Gardner, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

SPILLED BLOOD Two teenage girls play a deadly game of Russian Roulette...
It's every parent's worst nightmare. Christopher Hawk's daughter has been accused of murder . . . and she looks guilty as sin.
Chris rushes to the rural badlands of southern Minnesota, where his ex-wife and his only child, Olivia, now live, determined to defend his daughter.
He discovers two towns at war: Barron, where a chemical company has brought jobs and money, and St. Croix, Olivia's downriver home, where the same chemicals are believed to have brought death: a cancer cluster with mysterious origins.
Olivia is at the center of the feud, and so is the girl she's suspected of killing. If Chris is to find out what really happened, he needs to learn everything about his daughter... but he's beginning to realize he hardly knows her at all.
Chris wants to believe Olivia is innocent, but belief is only the first step. Now he has to prove it.
And all the while, her enemies are waiting, baying for her blood...

Click to Read an Excerpt



* * * * *
"Spilled Blood is everything a great suspense novel should be: gripping, shocking, and moving. Brian Freeman proves once again he's a master of psychological suspense, as he layers one family's crisis with an entire town's drama, building to an epic crescendo of rage, revenge and redemption."
– Lisa Gardner, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

"Brian Freeman is emerging as one of our best dramatic storytellers, combining the pace of a DeMille with the plot twists of Preston and Child. Spilled Blood is the latest of his thrillers, with a small-town murder that takes so many turns that, in then end, no one can say 'I knew it!'"
– Larry Schweikart, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author
"Suspense doesn't get more excruciating than this....Reading this novel is like walking a tightrope in a high wind. Don't miss it."
– Booklist (Starred Review)
"Shockingly terrifying...enough to guarantee fevered page-turning after lights-out."
– London Daily Mail
"Chilling...A compelling read."
– Evening Standard
"Freeman's most intricate and compelling psychological suspense"
– Saint Paul Pioneer Press
"This gripping story of anger, anguish, despair, greed and revenge is a blast.... Terrific."
– Peterborough Evening Telegraph
"This gripping psychological thriller is a cut above the rest and will have you guessing until the very last twist."
"The pace is swift, but not relentless. The puzzle is teasing. The writing is sharp, spare and simple. The characters utterly real. The final twist is one I should have seen coming, but didn't. And the whole builds to one truly cataclysmic finale. Loved it."
"Harrowing...Freeman ratchets up the suspense steadily, and then provides a cataclysmic ending."
–Publishers Weekly
"A great read from a rising star in the crime genre."
"Brian Freeman knows how to write psychological suspense and really packs a punch with SPILLED BLOOD. The tension is taut as each new twist and turn is revealed on the way to a gripping conclusion. A great thriller!"
–Fresh Fiction
"A vital account of life in the rural American badlands, and of the corrosive and self-perpetuating nature of hatred... tied into a plausible and satisfying mystery."
"Fans of mysteries, thrillers and suspense -- heck, fans of a good story in general -- will find much to love in 'Spilled Blood,' which doesn't let up until the very last page."
–WCF Courier
"His characters are both human and humane....This is a good thriller which rattles along with numerous twists and plot turns - without resorting to artificial cliff-hangers - concentrating instead on putting credible characters under pressure so that the reader actually feels for them and cares whether they survive or triumph."

BUY IT NOW at or Amazon. In the UK, get it on Amazon UK or Amazon UK Kindle. Visit the Buy the Books page for other links to print and e-book retailers.

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Brian Freeman

Monday, March 4, 2013

World of Ink - Book Tour - Scott R. Caseley

Monday, March 4, 2013

Spotlight: Isosceles by Scott R. Caseley

The novel takes the reader on a journey through the thirteen-year friendship between Sean McIntyre and Trey Goodsby and up to the tragic end of Trey's life, then goes into what effect his death has on Sean and those closest to the two boys.
About the Book:
When he finds his best friend Trey Goodsby dead and almost completely submerged in a bathtub filled with bloody water, Sean McIntyre is determined to find out if it was an accident or suicide. Did his death accidental or intentional have anything to do with Madeline Edwards, the woman who came between them constantly through their thirteen-year friendship? The tale begins with the death of Trey Goodsby, and explores his relationships with family, friends, his romances, and which of the circumstances he found himself in that led to the tragic event, and the repercussions for those he left behind.

If you have that feeling that you're coming up short...what will it take to feel equal?
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing
eBook ISBN: 978-1-77127-239-1
Publication Date: January 2013
Genre of Book: Young Adult- Coming Of Age, Mystery/Romance

Excerpt from book:
“Go over to the play area. I’ll deal with you once I’m done with…ah…whatever his name is.” Carter nodded to where the rest of the kids kneeled, stood, or sat on a blue carpet, watching a boy building with wooden toy blocks. Right away, I could sense he intended on crafting something difficult, a scale model of the courthouse down the road from Footbridge. While the boy’s physical appearance seemed rather ordinary, his skills could not be beat. He hadn’t misused a single block. Without any hesitation or second-guessing himself, he knew what to do to put everything in the right place.
“That’s so cool, Trey,” I heard a soft voice like the melodious whisper of birdsong, my intuition revealing the identity before my eyes did. Madeline swayed from side to side, beaming with her pearly-whites.
Trey paid her no mind though, allowing himself to be distracted only by his overgrown dirty-blonde hair, which kept going in his face. Sometimes, he didn’t even push it away. His focus so intense, a few times, he almost knocked into other kids. He never apologized for it, nor did most get upset. They seemed to understand he was in a zone, one with his creation. He circled the perimeter to detect if it needed something. Whenever he snapped his fingers, he’d call out “cylinder,” “triangle,” or “rectangle.” Madeline would select it out of a decaying cardboard box, to present it to him like an obedient puppy bringing a tennis ball to its owner.
Mr. Carter, with Sheldon behind him, returned from their business in the hallway. They joined the rest of us, studying Trey’s handiwork. Before long, Mr. Carter became entranced, too. It felt frustrating. Being an only child, I was used to being the center of my parents’ universe. Here, someone else stole the attention so rightfully mine. Worst of all, watching Madeline fawn over him drove me crazy. His hair was messy, his shirt dirty, and he was just average. Why did he hold her interest? Shouldn’t she see me instead? Mom knitted me this nice sweater and combed my hair before I went to the bus stop. My head started pounding from over-thinking the situation when Madeline moved toward him, letting her pigtail accidentally brush against his head. He didn’t seem to notice, but I sure did. I needed to take action.
Creeping over to the box of blocks less than five feet from the audience, I reached in blindly selecting a triangle-shaped one with green crayon on the side facing up. With everyone so enamoured by the courthouse, they didn’t even notice my hands trembling at my side with rage. Giving one last furtive glance to Trey, Madeline, Mr. Carter, and then ending on my classmates, I felt ready to execute the plan.
Many of the other kids started to pick up on my actions, giving me a brief moment of satisfaction. Their jaws dropped as they watched the projectile block following a jagged path through their makeshift circle. Of course, motor coordination issues since birth and anger clouded my vision. Translation: my aim was inaccurate.
The block went careening through the air, never even coming close to its intended target. Trey knew no fear, however. He must’ve sensed my imprecise aim the moment it left my unsteady hand. Without raising an eyebrow, let alone diverting his eyes from his structure, his arm swatted the wooden toy away like a fly. It changed course to come crashing down onto the bridge of my Madeline’s button nose. I’m not sure what started to pour first, the blood from her nostrils or the tears from her green eyes.
The bloodstained triangle ricocheted off her face to the courthouse, knocking it down like dominoes. At the same time, Madeline wailed in pain. Trey’s eyes cast down at his destroyed masterpiece, over to her, and finally to the crowd of spectators, with a cold, soulless expression. He breathed heavily out of his nose, needing to know who ruined his work. Sheldon, along with two other snitches, fingered me for the crime.

Places book is available for sale:,, Bookstrand, Omnilit, Kobo, Smashwords and B&N
About the Author: 
While this is his first novel, he wrote and directed a dramatic feature, co-wrote and directed a documentary and wrote for an online magazine. He’s also a trained voice, stage, and screen actor. In addition to his creative pursuits, he is passionate about healthy living. He follows a mostly self-directed fitness quest consisting of weight training, walking, swimming, yoga, and hula hooping. When not working out, he also enjoys cooking healthy gourmet meals as well as playing board games with family and friends with plenty of coffee brewing to keep the fun going until the wee hours of the morning.
You can find out more about Scott R. Caseley, his novel and World of Ink Author/Book Tour at
Follow Scott R. Caseley at
Twitter URL:
Publisher Website:
To learn more about the World of Ink Tours visit

Sunday, March 3, 2013

45 Essential Twitter Hashtags Every Author Should Know

45 Essential Twitter Hashtags Every Author Should Know
Authors need to know more about Twitter than how to get started.
Used correctly, Twitter hashtags are one of the best ways to connect with industry experts, readers, and other authors. Used incorrectly, it’s just another way to waste your precious time.
And you dear author, do not have time to waste.
If you’ve used the social network for any length of time, you’ve seen hashtags floating around at the tail end of the 140 character tweets. Here’s what you need to know to use them well.
Hashtags are used for:
  • Indexing emotions (#Vague #OhNoHeDidnt)
  • Identifying a Brand (#Ferrari)
  • Recommending a Product (#BestRead)
  • Connecting with like-minded people (#MemoirChat)
  • Finding Experts (#AskAgent)
Some Twitter hashtags are easy to understand. #WritingTip and #WriteTips are tags that provide, you guessed it, writing tips. Others, like #FF are a little harder to understand. #FF stands for #FollowFriday. On Friday, Twitter users tag other users for their friends to follow.
Twitter Hashtag Example
If you don’t know what a certain hashtag is, you can look it up on TagDef.  The chances are, it will be there. If you’re lost by all of this, one of our social media experts can help you out.
Here’s our list of essential Twitter Hashtags. You should use them and monitor them. If you are using TweetDeck, it is easy to monitor hashtags. Just create a new column to follow the hashtag. Monitor away and jump in to the conversation.

Connect With Other Authors -

  • #AmWriting
  • #AmEditing
  • #WordCount
  • #WriterWednesday (or #WW)
  • #WritersLife
  • #YALitChat
  • #LitChat (every M/W/F)
  • #MemoirChat (every other Wednesday at 8 pm ET)
  • #BookMarket (Thursday’s at 4 pm ET)
  • #WritingParty
  • #IndieAuthors
  • #WriteChat

Insights for Authors From American Booksellers!

IMG_0605Everything about the book business is changing; but to the surprise of some, brick and mortar stores are creating new and innovative ways to reach their customers…both online and in their stores. During February’s Tools of Change for Publishing in NYC, we had a chance to learn from Oren Teicher, CEO of the American Booksellers Association. Oren (pictured here) has been a long time advocate for independently owned retailers. Here are some inspiring points for authors:
  • Forty-three independent book stores opened in 2012 and 2013 is showing strong indications of a Renaissance of indie book shops.
  • Sales for independent booksellers have been increasing every year since 2010. Last year, sales increased by 8%.
  • Through a partnership with Kobo, indie bookstores now offer e-readers and accessories for readers who prefer e-books. Kobo was a sound choice for ABA in that it’s an open platform not locked into one service or device like Kindle or Nook.

The Independent Bookstore Advantage for Authors

Independent booksellers have been making themselves an essential catalyst to book sales by offering what the Internet has so far failed to do; provide intimate discoverability. Your friendly indie bookstore still offers readers the singular experience of cruising the aisles and discovering something new…  an appealing book cover that beckons, a new author, a local author, a recommendation from the trusted bookshop owner.  Most indies now offer in-store pickup so readers can order online and pick up books the same day, or readers can take advantage of the new Kobo partnership if e-books are their thing.
For authors, whether traditionally published or indie, reaching out to independent booksellers offers you vast opportunities:
  • TNLsticker_smallIndependent booksellers are open to author readings and signings and have the flexibility to host special events for readers and writers
  • Indie book shops encourage meet-up groups for both writers and readers
  • Independents communicate with other independents via their own networking through the ABA and regional groups – one can be helpful in recommending your book to others!
  • ib-bestsellerThey also make “official” recommendations through the Indie Next List which offers “Great reads from booksellers you trust” and they report books that are selling in their stores to the Indie Bestsellers List, which is the most current snapshot of what’s selling in indie bookstores nationwide. This lets everyone (other bookstores, media and readers) know what independent booksellers are recommending—and what independent customers are buying.
Looking to reach out to indies in your area? Visit the ABA’s Bookseller Member Directory to search for an independent bookseller near you. Now, tell us how you’re reaching out to the independent booksellers with your book, and be sure to share this good news with other writers!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Holocaust Researchers Find New Facts

Holocaust Researchers Catalog 42,500 Nazi Ghettos, Camps; Numbers Are 'Unbelievable'

Researchers from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum have concluded that over 40,000 Nazi camps and ghettos existed during Hitler's reign of terror between 1933 to 1945.
The total is far higher than most historians had previously estimated, according to The New York Times.
Geoffrey Megargee and Martin Dean, the lead editors of the project, have compiled the thousands of sites in a multivolume encyclopedia that is being published by the Holocaust Museum. Each volume catalogs thousands of sites, providing a comprehensive history of the "living and working conditions, activities of the Jewish councils, Jewish responses to persecution, demographic changes, and details of the liquidation of the ghettos."
The Holocaust Museum team also created maps of the sites, which were scattered across Europe, and which imprisoned or killed between 15 and 20 million people.
Essentially, this study shows the Holocaust was far more extensive than even historians comprehended.
Hartmut Berghoff, director of the German Historical Institute, said the research is simply astounding, reports The Times.
"We knew before how horrible life in the camps and ghettos was," he said, "but the numbers are unbelievable."
The researchers' work may also help Holocaust survivors attempting to sue insurance companies or recover stolen property.
"How many claims have been rejected because the victims were in a camp that we didn't even know about?" said Sam Dubbin, a lawyer who represents survivors.
Over the years, many scholars have worked to uncover the lost or unknown victims of the Holocaust, and some have insisted the death toll is higher than what the textbooks say. The number of Jews killed is often listed at around six million.
Father Patrick Desbois told the London Times in 2009 that after years of investigating mass graves in Ukraine, he feels the death toll should be revised upward.
This latest research is yet another piece of evidence that can be used to refute the fringe movement that continues to deny the Holocaust took place, or that its terrible legacy has been exaggerated for political gain.

Memoir - Sala Lewis - Holocaust Survivor