Thursday, November 14, 2013


Please join Marsha Casper Cook and her very special guest Cindy Scinto on Tuesday October 8 at 9 PM EST 8 PM CST 7PM MT 6PM PST

Call into the show and speak to Cindy (714) 242-5259

There are so many women that have built relationships with their spouses on trust ...and then it happens ..the trust is gone and so are the husbands. This show isn't about the men that have left, it's about the women who have survived the storm and are well on their way to a new found strength.
It's about the strength of the human spirit and how the  strong survive. With the good comes the bad but then when it's all said and done it's the woman that shows her spirit and begins again!  Don't ever for a moment think a woman can't pick herself up and begin again because she can and Cindy does!

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