Friday, August 9, 2013

Christoph Fischer book review - BAD CHOICES - AUTHOR FRAN LEWIS

"Bad Choices" by Fran Lewis is yet another great and important work by this sensitive and caring author. With much empathy and sadness Fran Lewis tells the tragic stories of several deaths that shouldn't have been.
Accidents, suicides and mindless and unnecessary passings, pranks, drugs and truly horrific murder, they all seem to melt down to youth being out of their depth and youngsters being left without help and support.
Whether it be peer pressure or other youthful mistakes, there are things to be learned in these stories for all of us.
As usual Fran Lewis does not stop there, the book contains extensive appendices with information and guidelines for parents and friends to learn how to recognise symptoms of peer rejection and provides ways and suggestions how to tackle these important issues. Key values and attitudes for parents to teach and to display, resources and tools.
Once again I am left with a big impression and hope that this helpful book gets out to the right people.