Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Book Launch -

Don’t just put a release date out for your new book and hope readers will find your book easily. Celebrate your accomplishment. Have a Book Launch Party Tweeting and sharing your new book while being on Blog Talk Radio. It’s not always about a new book it can be to re – launch an older publication. It’s fun and it’s easy –Michigan Avenue Media INC and World Of Ink Network can help.

Get started the right way and the difference will surprise you. It’s not always how many copies are sold it’s how many people hear about your work. Sometimes it takes a while to jump start a writing career but give your book the best chance possible. Have a launch party. Have it with us!
It’s fun and it’s the right thing to do!  

We will even add your bio to our blogs and feature your book on our websites, Blog Talk Radio and social media.

We can customize your launch. Prices start at $100 – for the hour of the show.

Marsha Casper Cook and Marni McNiff will be your hosts.