Monday, July 2, 2012


Reviewer Fran Lewis - Author Candy O' Donnell  "Psychic Perception"

Psychic Perception Author: Candy O’Donnell If you could see an incident after it happened or as it occurred would you relate the facts to those involved? If you could stop what was going to happen because you could sense danger would you want to get involved? What happens when one young woman receives an email from a family hoping she can find their daughter before it’s too late. What happens when Faith is walking home and someone stops her and asks if she wants a ride and she says she does not? What happens when two men decide to take the life of this young woman but not before using her for their own pleasures? What will Carrie Dowd do when she finally meets the family of this young girl, help them through this difficult time and relate to them what she knows to be the harsh truths of her death. Psychics can often feel the presence of a person and where they have been or might still be. Carrie’s skills are powerful and unique and when tested by many she never fails to come through. But, sometimes when you are trying to help others there are some that want to make sure you fail. After finding Faith’s body and delivering the news to the police and her mother she feels compelled to meet her mother in person. The visit proves unsettling when she meets her son who feels lost, cast aside and definitely despondent. Not able to deal with his sister’s death in goes in search of the man responsible to learn of another death his accomplice. But, Carrie is not without other problems as the man she is divorcing decides to create his own tactics to try and take away her home and much more. But, with the clever help of her friend Gloria, her attorney Cy Paulson she hopes to forge ahead. In courts even the judge mediator cannot believe what this man wants to do and yet she states he is entitled to half the money from the sale of the house even though his name is not on the deed. Added into that she has to find a way to create revenue in order to keep her home and rid herself of Steven. With the help of her friend she reunites with another one and is sought after to provide paintings and pictures for his art gallery. But, meeting Cy Paulson would create other issues for her as he enlists her help to find a young woman named Cherrie Jacobson whose parents do not seem that affected by her disappearance. Adding to the suspense and mystery are several break-ins of Carrie’s house, a stalker who seems to be following her and others plus her unsettling feeling about Cy. What does he really want? Why does he keep coming around when she sends him away? Why did he decide to help create a home studio for her to paint and display her work? Who really killed Cherrie? Throughout the novel author Candy O’Donnell allows the reader to take the journeys along with Carrie to find each of the victims as she senses where they are, hopes to hear them guide her to where they might be. Just why did a man named Sanderson place a man outside of Carrie’s house and Darrin’s too? Why did Darrin agree to go along with him and what does he find that she shares with Carrie? But, one young teens life is held in the balance as his mother is taken into custody for her own protection and he feels all alone and despondent. This brings to light what happens when family’s face a loss, kids cannot always deal with it and when a parent is totally wrapped in herself and her own guilt and thoughts another might suffer as well. Darrin needs to find someone to care and hopes that Carrie will help whether him through this but can she? The police want to take him into custody and place him in foster care? Is that the answer? But, helping one young man and opening up a door to him would close another when one man shows no understanding and feels that their relationship is lost. A vision comes to Carrie of a murder. Sanderson is torturing a young girl and filming the event. Not knowing if this was real she enlists Cy’s help to call the police and hopefully find out the truth. When Carrie’s life is in danger and the killers are revealed you won’t believe who is behind the kidnappings and the murder who comes to her aide at the end. An ending filled with surprises and twists that you will not see it coming. Many lives hang in the balance if Carrie cannot see the truth. Carrie with the help of her mediation coach would learn more about her skill and understand how to “rise above the energy to find out what they were trying to tell her. One young man torn apart by his sister’s death and his mother’s mental illness and one psychic who is tested to the limits can she stand up to the challenge? When Carrie is attacked and the killer faces her what will the end result be? Just who will be standing by her side and what is next for our Carrie? When all is said and done will Carrie be able to use her psychic perceptions to see her own future and help one man find out what really happened to his daughter? Characters that are vividly created and a storyline that is easily followed and keeps the reader glued to the printed page from start to finish. Just what does the future hold for Carrie? Will Cy be a part of her life? What about Darrin? What about her career and her paintings? What is next for her will only be told when the author writes another chapter for this amazing young lady. Not only can adults read this book but also YA’s can read this book too. Teaching loyalty, understanding kindness and definitely forgiveness this books brings to light all of these issues and more. Fran Lewis: reviewer