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Book Review- Fran Lewis

Our own David Workman: FIVE ZEBRAS

Absolute Authority:
David Workman

A clandestine operation in the middle of the night finds several black-hooded men placed behind some crates hoping to catch their preys. But, as each member checks his weapons, defines his position and strains to try and see what was hidden in the darkness little did they know what the end result would be. One figure on the starboard bow of the boat they boarded would ignite a carnage so terrible no one would see it coming. Talon Team 6 Leader sounding off, watching the target move and as each target was picked off no one saw the one thing that would end it all. An operation in 1988 that set off an explosion that would kill many. Thinking that they had taken out the entire enemy the last thing they expected was the loud boom to follow.

Flashing forward to the present we meet one man that would set in motion a plan so diabolical and deadly it would rock the world. One by one several unsuspecting people are brutally murdered. Linked to the President of the United States and a team of elite assassins, one man, Gordon McAllister has been left standing. An executive recruiter by profession dealing with major corporations and heads of Fortune 500 companies, Gordon McAllister, code name Zebra, reporting only to the President of the United States learns that someone knows he and his team exists. Eliminating three members and aiming for him next, a note delivered would provide the warning that he was next. Max Preston is dangerous. Coded messages and one click of the mouse and the world would rock.

Imagine going to the mall and hoping to shop but being blown to bits instead. One man pretending to be a lost and absent minded shopper plants a bomb in a strategic place taking out and trapping everyone in the elevator and causing 100’s of injuries in the wake of the explosion. Throughout the United States several malls were hit. Three members of his team killed. Just how does this fit together and why did the President create a team of assassins to kill for him.

Max Preston was wallowing in glory at his handiwork. Listening to the news and watching the cameras flash the pictures of the carnage he created brought a smile to his sinister face. A phone call would reconfirm his success as he and his assistant enjoyed the glory and celebrate his success.

Contacts in place and hoping to focus in on the killer’s identity with the help of a man named Willard Stanford, McAllister views the carnage, sees the face of the man responsible and hopes the team sent to raid his house is successful. Hidden and clothed in black the elusive team enters the house of the killer and what they find and the end result does not bring them any closer to finding out who is behind these mass murders.

But, Molly Hindan contacts McAllister and his whole world, thought to be a closed book is now wide open and the identity of his team revealed as she explains her link to one of the murder victims, identifies him as part of the assassin team code name Zebra and hopes to learn more about why her fiancĂ© was murdered. Together she and McAllister hope to pool their resources and information to find the answers to these murders and how someone found out about Zebra. Dinner proved interesting and the conversation had just moved into another room when a sniper shot through his window hoping to take out Gordon. But, the end result would reveal to Molly just who Peter really was, his true job and the reason why he was targeted and killed. But, there is much more as the author reveals to the reader and to Molly the history behind the many terrorist groups, the restrictions placed on the CIA and the reason why Reagan all the way back in the 80’s realized a need for Zebra. As Molly learns more about Peter and what his role was in this organization more questions related to her attack and his murder are asked and the question still rings out as to why she was left alive.

As Max Preston inspects a Russian plane the truth behind its mission is revealed to the reader. A nuclear power station is about to be attacked as one of several targets on his list. Just why has not been revealed but as Willard and Gordon reveal to Molly the truth behind Peter’s job, how they met and what exactly he really did you learn more about who might be behind the murders but not why. The cover-ups are huge and the chain of events that has yet to come will shake more than just the nuclear plant that was attacked as author David Workman takes the reader inside the mind of someone diabolical. But, just when the reader thinks he/she knows all of the players you realize that the person behind these attacks is the one person you would never suspect. Just how this links together you won’t believe as Molly might have been an oversight before but not anymore. Why would this mission and these deaths be linked to the National Security of the country? As Preston recounts his time in an Iraqi prison we being to learn more about this man and his missions and his link to the government. But not everyone was who they appeared to be deceits ran high and betrayals even higher before the final explosion takes place.

Lena Miller is smart and quite cunning. Working with Max was a cover. Finding Gordon and enlightening him to the truth behind the murders, who orchestrated them and what really happened to the members of his missing team hopefully break things opened. What she reveals would he believe? The links to the Department of Homeland Security will explain how she met Max but the reasons she chose to reveal the information to Gordon makes the reader wonder just who in the government can be trusted and who cant’. Why would the government want to create the illusion of terrorist attacks on our own soil? Why blow up a nuclear plant? How could this ensure National Security? Just how far up does this go and remember Gordon reports to only one man whose Absolute Authority should reign. Just how high up in the government does this go and just where do all the players fit in? Why doesn’t Lena trust the people she worked for and what exactly is on that flash drive she managed to get from Max’s laptop and emails?

When Gordon contacts Stanford something seems off as former operatives were killed and secondary targets were being exposed and his friend was in trouble but would he get there before it was too late? Enter FBI analyst Allison Crenshaw whose report to the President will enlighten the reader to the gravity of the situation and who is involved. The author flashes back to 1985 to give the reader a brief history of where this all began but that you won’t get from me you need to read it for yourself and take the journey along with McAllister, Molly, Lena and one computer geek named Martin who can hack anything and find out more than you would want him to about you or me. This is one great book that you will not put down once you start it.

When the pieces of the puzzle are put together and the players are all revealed you will not believe who is behind the plot, why and the end result they hoped for. Just how did this all end and will the next bomb get its target? Where is it aimed and will Gordon be able to stop the chain of events set in motion by one man who wanted it all? Who lives, who dies and who survives and who will remain the Absolute Authority? Author David Workman has created a character in Gordon McAllister that we hope he brings back again. Well defined characters, plot twists that you won’t ever see coming and extensive research done to create a plot linking the past, the present and what some hoped would be the future.

Fran Lewis: reviewer

This book gets: FIVE ZEBRAS

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