Monday, June 25, 2012

Book Review by Fran Lewis

A Simple Seduction: Bethany Cross

When friends decide to spend a weekend in the Colorado Mountains sometimes magical things can happen and two people just might find each other but not in a conventional way. Jared Rainwater and Nicole Carter have been skirting around the issue of their feelings for too long. Going away on this weekend just might surprise both of them but you won’t believe how.

We first meet Julie Matthews and Nicole who is getting teased about her feelings for Jared. Kidding around and discussing how to get him in the mood they banter back and forth letting the reader know that Nicole just might be interested in this 6 foot six inches hot guy. Picturing him the way any woman with a vivid imagination would Nicole’s face begins to heat up just thinking about Jared. But, there is much more as we meet Nicole’s brother Charlie and learn about their childhood. Charlie is more than just a brother to Nicole he is her protector and friend. Growing up in a single parent household was difficult for Charlie and Nicole. Charlie’s vivid imagination was filled with wild and crazy stories to tell his sister of adventures to keep her mind going and not feel alone. Added into the mix of friends were Cole and Annie. Jared the financial brain, Charlie the writer, Cole as the author describes him the prosecuting attorney, Annie the diehard activist. Each year these close friends planned a getaway weekend and this year it was Jared’s turn. But, this would prove to be an unusual weekend in more ways than one and you the reader will come along as some special events take place, things happen that will surprise you as Jared and Nicole finally get together or do they?

Not wanting to go into town with her friends Nicole stays back and explores the cabin where they are staying. With the raging snowstorm she becomes concerned when her brother and the rest of her friends do not return. A text would alleviate her fears. But, what happens next is totally surreal, magical and will leave you stunned.

Jared is coming up the mountain hoping to unite with his friends but his car skids off the road. Blizzard conditions prevail and the roads are slippery and visibility is practically zero. His car skids, he slams the steering wheel and the next thing we know he is entering the cabin where he finds Nicole. What happens between them is amazing, beautiful, magical and romantic. Where they wind up and what he asks her surprising but did it happen?

Author Bethany Cross gives the reader a lot to think about as Jared and Nicole experience something beautiful, profess their love for one another and then we hear Nicole’s voice reliving her phone conversation with Jared and describing their night together. But, what happens in the morning will bring serious doubt into not only the reader’s mind but Nicole’s too as she awakens to an empty bed.

But, what Julie tells her as she comes storming into the cabin frightens Nicole. Didn’t she spend the night with Jared? How could what Julie is telling her be true? What really happened? What will their fate be and where is Jared when Nicole finds him? You need to read A Simple Seduction to find out if Nicole really had the memorable night of her life or if it was just a dream.

Once again author Bethany Cross rocks the boat, sets the bar and creates a short story that is well written, graphically and vividly depicted with scenes that will make anyone read this with someone that really love and much more as Nicole and Jared take the reader inside Their Simple Seduction.