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Acting Naughty by G.A. Hauser

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Okay I have to admit I need a cold shower after reading "Acting Naughty" by G.A. Hauser. This book borders on being erotica but the story beneath the action is also quite interesting. Think Hollywood, think homophobia, think actors and think filming. Yet, it's still not what you think. With a mix of gossip, film sets and real world emotions this book keeps you guessing while you are secretly rooting for the story to go a certain way.

The characters in this book are also portraying characters in their careers while they both stumble onto a shocking reality that all the acting in the world can't hide. If you like well written, detailed sex scenes and well crafted characters that make you feel as if you know them then you definitely want to read "Acting Naughty". It's like a Judy Blume book about the male psyche.

Acting Naughty is actually part of a series, the Action! series by G.A. Hauser and you can bet I'll be reading the others as soon as possible.

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MICHIGAN AVENUE MEDIA BOOK REVIEWS: BOOK REVIEW BY DENISE SPOONER - SALA,MORE THAN A...: "5.0 out of 5 stars Sala - More Than a Survivor, May 20, 2011 By Denise Spooner - See all my reviews This review is from: Denise Spooner ..."


5.0 out of 5 stars Sala - More Than a Survivor, May 20, 2011

By Denise Spooner - See all my reviews
This review is from: Denise Spooner

Sala More Than a Survivor (Paperback)

In Marsha Cook's most informative book, Sala - More Than a Survivor, you'll discover undeniable truth amongst the Holocaust that words alone cannot fully express. Based on a true story, Marsha discloses one event after another in a sensitive yet profound manner that joins your heart with Sala's during her most unforgettable journey.

The story unfolds during World War II ending in 1945, when a tenacious ten year old girl named Sala experiences the sudden loss of her parents and siblings, one by one, abruptly taken by Nazi's. She was strong-willed and hopeful through her most trying circumstances but with sheer determination and perseverance, Sala was reunited with her sister but not before suffering tremendous outcries unknown to most of us while fighting for her very life.

After reading the heartbreaking series of events Sala lived through, she has taught me surviving is useless without a purpose. Love and commitment were the glue that held every piece of Sala's shattered life together until the necessary healing and forgiveness were found. Treading this journey with Sala through vivid and blunt accounts retold by Marsha, a deeper thankfulness for life itself has been birthed within me. Upon realizing the extreme pain, utter humiliation and intense rejection experienced by those who have survived the Holocaust, I too have hope in any situation that God is with me and sees the bigger picture I have yet to envision.

This book will touch your heart, move your spirit as the unforgettable truth of the Holocaust is shared from a most respectable survivor herself, Salucia Lewis. Upon closing Sala's final pages, you will never be the same.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Belly Button Fairy Rocks!, October 23, 2010
By Lou Belcher (Florida, USA) - See all my reviews

(VINE VOICE) This review is from: The Belly Button Fairy (Hardcover)
The Belly Button Fairy is not your ordinary fairy. Instead, this fairy is a grandmotherly figure who wears tennis shoes and flies around in her rocking chair. Bobbie Hinman has created a thoroughly charming main character for this story. I can't imagine that children wouldn't just flock to the Belly Button Fairy. In addition, Mark Wayne Adams has developed endearing images of this fairy and all her doings.

The Belly Button Fairy does not multi-task. Her one job is to make sure all the babies receive only one belly button and that it is right in the middle.

It is easy to see why The Belly Button Fairy has won several awards, including the 2010 Mom's Choice Medal Award. The story has a wonderfully fun rhythm to it and the images make you want to study each page to make sure you don't miss anything. As an added bonus, the book comes with an audio CD, complete with fairy songs and story narration. What a great addition to enhance the enjoyment of the book.


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DELIGHTFUL !, April 27, 2011

This review is from: The Adventures of Rodger Dodger Dog: Rodger Saves Bunny (Paperback)
Wow! Just when you think a childrens book could not get better what a delightful surprise. My 3 children Love Rodger Dodger ! Rodger has visited thier school and they love his books. After we read the book which brings up how we all must be aware of others feelings we talked about Rodger and Bunny's story. I am sure my children have a better understanding of other peoples feelings. Great story, amazing illustrations, It's a must have !!!


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The Great Snowball Escape
Author: J.D. Holiday

Reviewed by Fran Lewis

Growing up can be difficult enough for kids today but falling prey to a bully's wiles makes it even harder as Wilhelmina Brooks finds out when her cousin, Bud comes to live with her. Bud's amusement is at the expense of the others. Wilhelmina, who prefers begin called Wil, takes the brunt of his escapades as he insults her friends, takes ownership of her old sled and becomes the class terror in her second grade class. Even worse, he ruined her Christmas vacation by putting gum in her hair, taking her new sharpener and just being plain old MEAN! What can she do when her mother insists that she has to be nice to him, looks away from his pranks that are not funny and ignores the fact that he is angry at his present situation and more? Poor Wil! Is she going to survive living with Bud? Will he ever learn his lesson or will he become the terror of the second grade and the entire neighborhood? Author J.D. Holiday brings to light the issue of bullying and harassing other kids in her outstanding chapter book: "The Great Snowball Escape."

To escape means to want to get away from it all. You might want to go on a vacation, trip or just take a walk to clear your head. But, poor Wil, wants to escape her house, her school and her life just to get away from Bud, her mean cousin whose pastime is picking on kids smaller and weaker than him and creating havoc in the second grade and more.

Snow days are every kids dream. A day off from school to play outside, building a snowman and even better throw snowfalls or snowball fights are every kids and even adults idea of fun. But, when Wil and her friends decide to build a snowman in front of her house, what happens disrupts everything and she gets sent to her room as once again she and Bud cannot work or play together.

Wil's mother wants her to understand that Bud is going through a difficult time and needs understanding. But, how much can she endure and will she have to take before someone realizes that she is only 7 years old and cannot be expected to understand or withstand everything her cousin dishes out. So, when her mother insists they make peanut better cookies together, will they succeed or will they get into a flour and sugar throwing war? Will they be able to work together and finally go outside to play? This reviewer will not divulge that secret to you. You are going to have to read the book yourself.

But, what happens when one bully meets another bully? Who wins or who backs down? While sledding down the huge hill where her friends were, they encounter Drew and his mean dog. Drew thinks that he has the better of Bud and Wil and wants Bud's sled. What happens next will definitely surprise the reader and one bully might learn a serious lesson from another and two cousins just might become friends.

But, there is more. On the way home Bud and Wil encounter her friends who are gathered around Suzy whose cat, Mimi is missing. Added to that someone destroyed his or her snowman and everyone thinks it was Bud. Just how this story ends and if they find Mimi will not only endear you more to Wil, but will teach children a lesson in loyalty, trust and friendship that every kid needs to understand and learn. Will they get the cat back? Who gets blamed and who really did take it? Who destroyed the snowman? Will Bud and Wil ever see eye to eye and become friends? Author J.D. Holiday has created two characters that are not so different. Wil just wants to be understood and have her mother understand that having Bud stay with her caused some major changes in her life. Bud, just feels like an outcast and might be using his outbursts, and pranks to get attention and tries to get sent home to live with his Dad. Both Bud and Wil need the adults to understand them. Wil's mother makes one statement that I feel says it all: Treat people the way you want to be treated. Now, if everyone did that maybe there would be no wars, fights or hate in the world. Just what positive things can come out of snowdays: Read this great children's book and learn for yourself as Wil and Bud teach not only themselves but adults so really important lessons in friendship, understanding, communication and teamwork.

This is definitely a FIVE SNOWMAN BOOK! Let's hope the author brings Wil and Bud and her friends back in another novel.

This book should be in every school library, guidance counselor's office, public library, police youth groups, public libraries and of course my own. Customer Reviews: Meerkat's Safari

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5.0 out of 5 stars Meerkat's Safari is sure to please., October 7, 2006

By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) - See all my reviewsThis review is from: Meerkats Safari (Hardcover)

Written by Claudia Graziano and illustrated by Michelle Barbera, Meerkat's Safari brings young readers on an exciting safari with an enthusiastically friendly meerkat, to see exotic wild animals such as zebras, flamingos, and monkeys. A two-page spread depicting each animal's footprints precedes the reveal of the animals themselves fluidly illustrated with gorgeous, full-color artwork. As rhyming, read-aloud adventures go, Meerkat's Safari is sure to please. "Congratulations! // Our safari is done / You've guessed all my friends / and met every one. // Until our next adventure, / it's time for me to go. // Take a trip to the zoo, / there are more animals to know. That Mama is a Grouch (9781450535656): Sherry Ellis: Books

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book, April 10, 2011

By Mymcbooks - See all my reviewsThis review is from: That Mama is a Grouch (Paperback)
In Sherry Ellis' delightful book, That Mama is a Grouch; children from age 3-7 will quickly learn that clutter-caused tension in a home can be avoided. In this story, Mama is having a bit of a tantrum over the mess, and the narrator, a precocious child indeed, soon understands all too well. Toys are strewn about as obstacles that can cause falls and short tempers. Mama is tired-tired-tired of cleaning up this constant clutter. In a voice as wise as it is adorable, the narrator reminds children that parents are human, with feelings and moods. At the same time, parents are reminded that children are, well, children!

That Mama is a Grouch book explains why Mama is a grouch she is in need of some quite time, but she isn't having one because her little girl decided to leave all her toys all over the entire house without picking them up after playing. This story is about listening, agreement and conversation between an adult and a child. It teaches and explains to children why it is necessary to clean up their room and pick up their toys and also listen to their parents. I like the illustrations as it helps the reader to understand the frustrations of the mother and the daughter. This book is the Best Book Award Finalist and I highly recommend the parents have a copy to read to their child.

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Leaving Him Behind: Cutting the Cord and Breaking Free After the Marriage Ends - AUTHOR -Sandra S. KAHN M.A.

Customer Reviews: Leaving Him Behind: Cutting the Cord and Breaking Free After the Marriage Ends

Sandra Kahn, M.A. - On May 19,2011 will be a guest on A GOOD STORY IS A GOOD STORY-at 12 NOON CST.

Over the years these reviews are consistant- sharing just a few.

5.0 out of 5 stars I needed this one, August 15, 2006
By Dee Dehan "dee" (indianapolis) - See all my reviewsThis review is from: Leaving Him Behind: Cutting the Cord and Breaking Free After the Marriage Ends (Paperback)
I needed this book. I will probably refer to it often. There is no life after divorce if you don't move on. This book contained many eye-openers for me. Hopefully after reading this I won't sabotage my own happiness by staying attached to a man who is unable to make a committment to anyone other than himself. I've probably read at least ten books on survival and recovery from divorce. This one is helping me let my 32-year marriage die.

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32 of 32 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars This is by far the most freeing book I've ever read!, July 9, 1999
By A Customer

This review is from: Leaving Him Behind: Cutting the Cord and Breaking Free After the Marriage Ends (Paperback)
I thought I had a life sentence with my X. He was and still is an attorney. He could manipulate me to death before during and after my marriage was over. A friend gave me "Leaving Him Behind." At last, someone knew how to finally end my marriage--years after my divorce!

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50 of 54 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Book! Finally, November 5, 2002
By A Customer

This review is from: Leaving Him Behind: Cutting the Cord and Breaking Free After the Marriage Ends (Paperback)
My parents divorced 2 years ago after being married for 30 years. After 2 whole years, my mom was still stagnant, as hurt and as mad as the day she filed for divorce. I've sent her numerous books, groups and web sites and she never got trough any of them. She's really not a reader so I thought she would not read it at all. The day I sent this book to her, she began reading it right there, cover to cover. She said it is the most relavant book she has read that she can actually relate to. That it help put a lot of what she was going through into focus. glad something my mom finally finds useful to help in healing and growing after life with my dad.

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3.0 out of 5 stars Leaving Him Behind, November 17, 2008
By Jane M "jane" (northern CA) - See all my reviewsThis review is from: Leaving Him Behind: Cutting the Cord and Breaking Free After the Marriage Ends (Paperback)
If you are the person who initiated the divorce and you will have a lasting friendship with your ex, then this book isn't for you. We have a respectful relationship upon parting, I'm the breadwinner of the relationship, and neither of us are bitter about the divorce. I instead need to 'break the ties' that bind us to establish freedom to create my own future...essentially understand the progression from married to single. This book is more about the male being the breadwinner and the husband initiating the divorce.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic, December 4, 2006
By Lori L. Miller "lori" (Oregon) - See all my reviews
(REAL NAME) Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Leaving Him Behind: Cutting the Cord and Breaking Free After the Marriage Ends (Paperback)
I would recommend this book above all others for women who have gone through a divorce and need help moving on. This book is practical and will help you on your journey to start a new life and get beyond the past.

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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars leaving him behind, December 27, 2008
By Rosaura Botero "youarearose" (california) - See all my reviews
(REAL NAME) This review is from: Leaving Him Behind: Cutting the Cord and Breaking Free After the Marriage Ends (Paperback)
I separated about 3 months ago, and before reading this book it had been hard for me to move on, I was constantly asking myself the reasons why he left why he didn't follow me, what did I do wrong, who is he with. This book help me to realize how much I put him on a petestal that was not made by him I created all this fantasy around our family. I learned wonderful steps to stop thinking about him, I am rebulding my life and it is now ok for me to cut all responsabilities with him. It is ok for me to start a new life free of guilt and fantasies.

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21 of 26 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Best book I ever read It saved my life, February 15, 1998
By A Customer

This review is from: Leaving Him Behind: Cutting the Cord and Breaking Free After the Marriage Ends (Paperback)
This book helped me put my life back together. It made me a better partner to parent our children. Ultimately, we didn't get the divorce. I believe it was because this book showed me to be concerned for my own life and my children's. He saw the strength I gained and negotiated a way back to each other.

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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Superb help!, March 3, 2009
By E. G. Oldfield "Healthier & much wiser Ellen" (New Jersey, USA) - See all my reviews
(REAL NAME) This review is from: Leaving Him Behind: Cutting the Cord and Breaking Free After the Marriage Ends (Paperback)

This book was a life saver to a drowning woman. Kuhn's whole practice revolves around Ex-Wives, and she astutely has figured out patterns that keep us connected - what a revelation! It felt many times like I had been speaking with her myself. My best take away was to treat everything with him like a business transaction to keep from getting hurt, which is incredibly helpful. I have recommended this to EVERY friend who is going/has gone through a divorce as a head check; it was THAT good. Thanks for great advice well written, easy to read and for helpful diagnostics which really hit the mark. Worth EVERY cent and more! Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

Sandra Kahn, M.A. - On May 19,2011 will be a guest on A GOOD STORY IS A GOOD STORY-at 12 NOON CST.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Must Read for Divorcees, October 6, 1999
By A Customer

This review is from: Leaving Him Behind: Cutting the Cord and Breaking Free After the Marriage Ends (Paperback)
I interviewed the author recently, and was very impressed with her insight and understanding. If marriage can be a swamp, divorce is always a minefield, and Sandra Kahn ably maps out the danger points.

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05/01 Fran Lewis gave 5 stars to: Ashes of the Earth: A Mystery of Post-Apocalyptic America by Eliot Pattison

Title: Ashes of the Earth
Author: Eliot Pattison
ISBN: 978-1582436449.
Publisher: Counterpoint

Take a glimpse into the future. Think about your world as it is right now. Trees, markets, stores, technological advances, medical breakthroughs and modern conveniences that everyone takes for granted and rarely gives thanks for. Imagine in one strike of a match your world goes up in flames and the end result is a total global holocaust. What is left is smoke, ash, soot, burned buildings, pieces of glass and human beings so deformed so ill they can barely survive. Humans exposed to radiation and expelled and exiled not to contaminate others. Martial law reigns. Those who question are exiled or punished. Those who dare to challenge the government tortured. Imagine a world devoid of flowers, trees, metal, medicines, books and paper to write on and the basic comforts of life. Picture the devastation shown in Japan just this month. Remember the Tsunamis in Hawaii and Korea as the world comes to an end and the result will rock your world and give the reader much pause for thought.

Hadrian Boone is the main character in this book. Often imprisoned on petty charges and beaten, tortured and abused by those in charge he manages to stay afloat using his intelligence, connections and instincts. A founder of the colony and former professor, he hopes to work to rebuild what is left of Carthage. His long time friend Jonah Beck has been secretly working on many projects including a new public works system, medications to heal the sick and a way to bring both the exiles in New Jerusalem and those in Carthage together. But, what Hadrian learns and what happens to Jonah, will shake their worlds and rock the inner core of what is left of Carthage. Becoming more than a liability to his former friend Governor Buchanan, his often the brunt of many beatings, torturous experiences imposed on him by his one time friend.

Becoming embroiled in the intrigue and the subterfuge of Carthage, learning of the plots and deceit of those in government and in power, just might get him killed. Murders of young men made to look like suicides. His friend Jonah thought to have hanged himself but did he? Any hope of restoring life to its original state and creating a bridge to reach out to the exiles and provide them with food and medicine gone.

Taking him into the underworld of the exiles, unearthing the secrets that lie beneath the walls of a monastery, and uncovering the whereabouts of a ship thought sunk, draws Hadrian and many others into a web so tightly spun they might never survive. The contraband that Hadrian finds buried in a church is startling. A cloud of doubt that hangs over him when dealing with Sergeant Waller and her true reason for shadowing his every move and appearing to help him at times and at others lost and unable to cope. Emily, the head of the hospital faces the death and doom daily dealt to the many brought in who are murdered, maimed and in some cases left for dead. Scouts that go out and never return and people who are hanged just because they are considered expendable or not worth living at least in this world devoid of emotion, caring and anyone who wants civilization to really survive.

This book brings to light many issues that we hope we never have to face. Children forced to do the dangerous dirty work of adults, smugglings, stealing and committing other crimes to stay alive. Pranks played just for fun on the dead. The characters depicted in this novel seem totally devoid of emotions. The vivid descriptions of the deterioration of the world, the disintegration of the human bodies, their minds and spirits are so clearly written you can create you own mental image of the scenes, the characters and what is left of their world.

Sometimes the search for answers brings new questions. As Hadrian Boone reenters the world of those exiled he learns the hidden truth behind his friend’s mission and what he was really creating with those in New Jerusalem as the camp was renamed. Appearance are quite deceiving and people are not always who and what you think they are.

Jackals, young children enlisted to work for the smugglers, men who played both sides of the fence and a directory of names that would shed light on the rest. Who was behind the killings? Who would benefit the most from the smuggling and creating deadly drugs that would silence the inquisitive? A Governor who appears to want to find the answers behind the murders but does he? But, when the final showdown comes to play where will his allegiance lie and just how far will he go to get what he wants.

A plot so diabolical, convoluted and intricate no one will saw it coming nor will they see the end result until it’s too late. The granaries are full, the food supply plentiful and the government blinded by their own greed. An ending so explosive that the world as they knew it, as you know it will never be the same. Who will win? Carthage or Total Carnage?

Fran Lewis reviewer