Monday, December 5, 2011

Friendship means: embracing our Differences -Author G.R. HOLTON - REVIEW BY FRAN LEWIS

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone got along and no one judged people by their appearances or the way they look? Wouldn’t it be great if everyone realized that your outer cover or appearances help to tell you apart from everyone else so that we can put a name to your special face it does not define who you are inside?

Meet Jordan and Turlo and enter a special land called Squazleland and learn the true meaning of understanding, what dreams are made of and friendship. Jordan hears a noise coming from under her bed and is afraid. Wouldn’t you be if you heard a noise and saw three purple spiders? One of them comes right up to her and tells her he’s afraid of the big furries. She tells him she’s afraid of him. How would you feel if there was a whole other place right under your bed filled with great things to see, beautiful houses, unusual creatures and a special machine where wonderful dreams are made? Imagine how exciting that would be and right under your own bed. Jordan is amazed and Turlo wants to be her friend so he invites her to come and visit his home. But, she doesn’t know how she can do that being because she’s too big. But, this is a special story and magic that is good magic can make wonderful things happen. Close your eyes and come with Jordan and me and enter a land so beautiful you might never want to leave. Imagine a place with pink castles; trees, bushed and a factory where dreams are made and special characters come out of the smoke stacks.

What a wonderful place filled with some many special and amazing things to see? But, what is really endearing and special is the friendship and bond that is formed by one little girl named Jordan and one special Squazle Prince named Turlo. Jordan is invited to visit the factory where dreams are made and what she sees you won’t believe and the amazing things she does so fantastic. Riding on a special Ferris Wheel and watching the Squazle children fly their colored kites and the seeing the beautifully colored houses and much more. But, the ending will definitely make you smile as one little girl and one special Prince learn many of life’s lessons. I can’t tell you how she returns or how she gets back to normal size. I can’t tell you anymore about this magical place because it’s a special place and you have to find out all about it yourself.
Creatures that are purple and orange with six arms are and one little girl with only two who teaches the Prince not to judge a creature or furry by its cover. One little girl who learns that friendships come when you really try hard and understanding differences is one way to start. With drawings are that really outstanding, colorful and help the reader young or old to fall in love with the characters, illustrator Michelle Izmaylov really gave the book that special added touch. The faces of the characters are very expressive and the colorful pictures and places really bring the story to life for young readers.

So, what happens to Turlo and Jordan? Will they see past their differences and become friends? Will she want to return to see more of this special place? Will Turlo become friends with the Furries and realize they won’t hurt him? You have to read this Five Squazle Book to find out and let’s hope Jordan and her friends will come back for more adventures and bring more kids to this special place to learn the true meaning of friendship. Would you like to visit and see how dreams are made? I would and hope that Turlo will invite this reviewer to get a closer look at this special place.

This is a great book to teach children how to deal with differences in appearance, friendship, fears and understanding. Teachers can use this during story time lessons, character education and guidance counselors when kids need to learn how to get along with others. Great book for parents to read at bedtime and imagine if writing teachers had kids create their own special dreams for Turlo to create and have come out of his special smoke stack. What would your dream be and what would you like to see coming out of the stack for you? Read the book and you definitely will love it as much as I did.
Fran Lewis: reviewer