Sunday, July 3, 2011



Subject: the book with the three chapters fran

The Adventures of Rodger Dodger Dog By Author Jan Britland

The Adventures of Rodger Dodger Dog: Three Great Stories in One Fantastic Book:

First we meet Rodger Dodger the Talented Dog:

Now you wonder how I know this that well you see

He’s handsome according to our author and can even climb a tree.

Second tale tells about how he goes to the sea and sees a fish jump on the land

Plop he crashes down so hard flat on his back on the sand

But, author Jan Britland she understood his plight you see

Sending Rodger to the rescue bringing the fish home as fast as can be.

Now you won’t believe me when I tell you what Rodger had the fish do

So, read it for yourself to find that if in trouble you’d want him to help you

The final tale is called The Strongest Dog you see

But, poor Rodger would be seriously challenge by of all things a tiny flea

Poor Rodger met this persistent flea and what can I say

But, Ouch, Ouch, get the calamine lotion right away

Scratch, scratch, he really needs help

To get ride of the pesky flea before he did really yelp

So , why did this flea find a home on our poor Rodger you ask

Well, annoying dogs was his favorite and primary task

What finally happens and what is the fleas fate

You have to read this because it is getting quite late

Sit back, put your feet up and read this great book if you dare

And learn about Rodger and while reading in a comfortable chair.

Will he ever be rid of this pesky flea who has no name?

Will Mack help him and prevent him from more of the same?

Will he ever stop scratching and be able to have fun with his friend

The only way to find out is read the book and you learn what happens at the end.

What happens to the flea will definitely bring a smile to your face and hopefully teach the flea a lesson. Find out when you read the story told in rhyme what happens to poor Rodger and the flea. With friends like his it is no wonder author Jan Britland can create more and more adventures for our smart, talented and wonderful dog. Illustrations that are so realistic you can tell from the facial expressions on Rodger’s face that he is in pain. You might even feel like scratching. Rodger learns the true meaning of friendship, and the stories or chapters teach each of the animals the importance of loyalty, friendship, understanding and love.

Let’s hope Rodger and his friends come back for many more adventures and children in every elementary school read his stories. All of Jan’s books should be in the public library, home libraries, school libraries, and children’s hospitals and used for lessons in Character Education.

Let’s give this book: Five Gold Stars