Sunday, July 3, 2011


Tunnel vision

Author: Gary Braver

Reviewed by Fran Lewis

Can a corpse rise? Can someone declared dead just get up and walk out of a hospital? What would happen if you were the nurse that was there when he coded? What would you do if the doctor pronounced him dead and you saw him walking toward the exit sign looking non the worse for wear? You would probably scream!

Zack Kashian loves to gamble. The problem is he hates to lose which seems to be the norm for this young man. But, when he leaves a poker game and heads for the road he winds up in an accident and what happens next will definitely make you wonder if there is such a thing as an outer body experience. According to our victim he’s looking down at his mangled and beaten body from above and what he describes and tells the reader you won’t believe. This atheist non-believer just might do a turn around and find his way back to God. But how, wait and see?

Do you believe that there is life after death? Do you believe that when someone is in a coma they can hear your every word, comprehend your thoughts but not be able to respond? Zack stays in a coma for 80 days but what happens in between will definitely enlighten the reader. In the hospital under the doctor’s watchful eye and his mother’s constant vigilance, why would some religious fanatics flock to his room? What could they have seen on UTUBE that would make them think that this non-believer was reciting the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic? Zack does not believe it when he wakes up. His mother explains over and over again that it’s impossible. But, there are two people that read about this Miracle Man and they are determined to enlist, engage or persuade him to join in their experiments that would clarify whether there really is life after death. So, why is a paid assassin taking out the very scientists whose work in developing the MRI would help monitor brain cells and possibly find the answer to that question?

Confession is good for the soul they say. How does a priest handle the confession of a paid assassin? What does he do or not do with the information? Forgive the killer or hire him to do what he does best. Told to return in three days he does hoping to get God’s forgiveness for his deeds. Speaking the priest he realizes that it is not the one he saw three days before and what this man asks of him will definitely surprise the reader and make you wonder just what this priest really has in mind and why. Would he be redeemed? Roman Pace is a paid assassin and his penance or punishment to be forgiven is to kill. This starling revelation would send most people running out of the church and possibly to the police. But, he was a special circumstance requiring special sanctions. He killed for money and power. He was to become a Christian solider and warrior of God. His redemption would be granted by recommitting himself to same acts of murder by plying his trade on those who these people are working against God.

When Zack finally gets out of the hospital he resumes his old habits and goes to a casino with his friends. But, what happens when he is at the tables and can actually visualize the other person’s hand. This leaves him more than just unsettled but definitely in the black when he leaves. Zack needs money and sometimes people don’t think when they are desperate and he decides to sign up as a paid volunteer for a scientific study. The subjects that qualify are placed in a near death coma while the scientists monitor them and record their brain waves for activity. So, why is a paid assassin killing the very scientists linked to this study and homeless people too?

Do you believe in life after death? Do you believe that people can have a near death experience and recall every detail? Do you think someone can have visions and see a dead parent or friend or feel their presence? Zack allows himself to undergo several sessions and during the first two he sees his father and envisions his family in many different lights. Mind control or does he really thing these visions are real? Did he really hear his father’s voice? The sessions left him unsettled yet he considered allowing himself to be placed under even further.

Warren Gladstone and Elizabeth Luria are the ones running this study. Gladstone is preacher who has his own channel. Charlatan or Preacher you decide as you get to know this man. Dr. Luria what was her real objective during session two? Was she really monitoring his brain waves or did she have another objective in mind? Why did Zack decide to continue? Was it the money to pay his debts or was he really curious about this study?

A noted physicist is the killer’s first victim. Next, he gets another scientist leaving her daughter alone. But, his killing spree has just begun and as Zack becomes a subject in this experiment that just might cost him a lot more than the debts he has accumulated. As he enters each session he puts himself at risk for many other problems. Going under a second time his end result is bone chilling to say the least and what one of the researchers reveals quite starling as Zack really needs to decide whether money for your brain waves is really the way to pay off his debts.

Near death experiences refers to sensations reported by people who have come close to death or demeaned clinically dead for a period of time. Their heart or breathing stopped and then starts again. As you will hear in Zack’s own voice he will recount having feelings of total peace as if he floating in a tunnel going toward a bright light. But one of the researchers, Sarah Wyman working with Zack disagrees and says it is pure neurobiology and not someone floating down tunnels to a celestial light to meet their spiritual beings.

Is there an afterlife, she is aiming to prove it. Her evangelist backers want proof and the answer to that question and that God exists uniting religion and humanity and ending religious strife. But, remember that Zack is an atheist and a total non-believer. How would they change his mind? What will happen when they finally put him under? Were his reactions really recorded in what they referred to as the God Lobe? How far will they go to get their answers and what happens when the paid assassin finds out about Zack? As the suspensions increased Zack became more aware that there might be an underlying reason why Luria wanted him for the study and her real purpose has yet to be revealed. When the pieces finally fit perfectly into the syringe and all the tetrodotoxin is ready to be dispensed, what will happen to the next victim when the plunger is pushed?

What happens at the end will enlighten the reader about the truths, lies, deceits and betrayals that sent Zack and Sarah racing the clock hoping to find the answers to many questions lying dormant within his mind for years. What really happened to Jake? Why did his father leave them? Who really killed the people that he saw in his suspensions? One ending that will not only send chills down you spine but also make you think you and Zack are experiencing an episode of the Twilight Zone first hand. Weigh the test results, read the evidence and decide for yourself: Near Death Experience or Something Else? This book gives the reader much pause for thought and does teach many important lessons. Before agreeing to any medical study you need to research the lab, the methods and the end result and find out if there are any complaints of violations against them. Find out about the drugs being used and learn more about their side effects and not from those doing the testing. Find out the end result and what happens to Zack when you read this outstanding novel. Author Gary Braver brings to light many important issues: is there really a life after death? Can you have a Near Death Experience and will you be able to recall the events? Characters that are true to life, one young man that learns many hard lessons throughout the book and one important one that changes his outlook on life.

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

I give this book: Five Beautiful Dreams Filled With Joy and Love!

Do you believe in the hereafter? Decide for yourself after reading this book!