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5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding and Inspirational, March 28, 2011
By Fran Lewis "Fran and Bertha" - See all my reviews
(VINE VOICE) This review is from: Angel Marie (Paperback)
Angel Marie: The Making of an Angel

Author: Sam Oliver

Reviewed by Fran Lewis

Can you hear me? Do you know that I am here? Can you see me? I am right in front of you. Everyone wants to be loved or part of another human beings world. Angel Marie is an entity that has existed between Heaven and Earth all of her life. But, something is about to change. Metamorphosis: Change: Transformation: Her whole world is about to emerge and be transformed into something so new, so amazing and so wonderful: She is about to link up or connect with another being: A Human and become part of the world she has been looking down on. Wondering what happens on that blue ball she peers through the clouds and the magnificent and serene world she calls her home, she begins to feel different emotions, feelings and urges within her body as she develops a whole new form, a whole new outlook on what is soon to become her life. While pondering her thoughts and feelings The Angel of Promise comes front and center to guide her through this transformation, teach her the meaning of desires, intentions and relationships and how each of these simple yet complicated works will take her on a once in lifetime journey filled with love, individual choices and life.

Author Sam Oliver brings to light the issue of what happens when everyone is born, transformed from the beginning of your existence and learns to create your own life's path using what we hope are the right desires and making the right choices to have a life filled with love, understanding and connections to those who will keep you safe and love. But, there are some who choose the path of destruction and harm and hurt others. This is explained to our Angel Marie by Promise who hopes this will not affect her and that her choices will only make her stronger and able to deal with her whole new life when she connects with the parents she will choose to love her.

Angel has many questions about her transformation and about how she is going to understand and handle the new world she is about to enter. Your heart is the key to everything, as we all know. Within your heart the author so brilliant describes the four spiritual chambers that I found not only enlightening and really inspirational but a positive and wonderful way to teach everyone how to deal with not only the wonders and joys of life but when things do not go your way or life throws you many different curves. Coming to the various crossroads you often have to stop and think, reflect and decide which course or action to take, after reading about the four spiritual chambers, the heart, the making of your soul, I think I truly understand more about what has recently happened in my life, losing three wonderful people and having to work through my grief, keep focused and understand that I have to move ahead because I have a purpose in this world.

The four chambers are inner strength, perseverance, trust, and unconditional love, all four combined will help you to develop your heart and help you through your days and your ability to create yourself to more than who you are but what you want to be. Inner strength is what keeps me going and strong allowing you to work through your feelings when you feel all alone causing you to look deeper into your heart creating as the author writes," a vacuum for your heart to be able to embrace more than you thought was possible." How true! The next two are perseverance and trust. Perseverance I do have, trust, I often find hard. Trust, not so much in myself but in being able to trust others around me. My mom and my sister were the two people I trusted and in my heart, still do the most. My mom saw the best in me and made sure I was encouraged and strived to be more than I ever thought I could or would attain. My sister and I supported each other in everything we did whether hair-brained or not, we were best friends and did most things together as kids and as adults we never failed each other.

As Promise continues to describe the wonders and beauty of life and birth, Angel Marie prepares to become one with her Mom and you hear her voice, feel her heart beating as she connects with her Mom. Learning to believe in herself, trusting in the new world she was about to enter and the next one she has yet to see, our Angel Marie begins to understand the importance of believing in herself, the wisdom to create all that she can be and even more. Each day we awake and look out of the window hoping to see the sun shine down upon us creating warmth that makes us feel safe. But, whether or not the sun shines or the clouds cover the blue sky, the work we do, the energy we feel to move ahead and fulfill our goals and purpose brings us closer to creating our own path with our desires, intentions, feelings, thoughts and hopes to creating our soul which is really our home. Hoping to seek God's unconditional love, Angel Marie tries to enter this world and what happens will bring tears to your eyes, renew your faith in hope and truest, and definitely a place in your heart for Angel Marie. As she hears her mother's voice and stretches out her arm to touch her just once, the experience described will leave you breathless, hopeful and yet sad. Some children are meant to bring endless joy in life to their parents and others in a different way. Her image, her heartbeat and her love will forever be inside of her parents and if you look up in the sky at night you will see the brightest star shining down on you keeping you safe. What is her final destiny? That I cannot reveal, as you have to find that out for yourself to truly understand what Angel Marie becomes and her true purpose in life. As Promise takes her on one last journey you will experience it with her along with the joys that become: Angel Marie our special Angel.

Heartfelt, joyful filled with hope and love for life and the world, author Sam Oliver reminds everyone in this outstanding book that life is precious, love, trust, understanding, perseverance, unconditional love and inner strength so vital in a book so mind stimulating, well written and told through the eyes of an innocent Angel named Marie and what we all need Promise. Can you see me? Can you hear? I am always with you!

Fran Lewis: Reviewer

I give this book Five Special Angel Maries to watch over you and keep you safe. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews
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